I'm Going to London - Again!

Hey guys!

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So, I know, I haven't blogged in a while, and I regret it
Uni has been quite stressful lately and I will not lie here, I have wanted to meet some friends in my free time and be a bit lazy when I could. So, sorry for that. I hope, I will get better in time management soon!

BUT, from the title you will probably have guessed already that telling you this is not the reason I have started the post in the first place. 
I am very excited and quite nervous and I think, I haven't fully realised it yet but I'm going to London in the late summer/ autumn! Not for holiday, not for a few days, and not with someone I know.

I have to do an internship in an English-speaking country for my studies at uni because 'British and American Studies' is my main subject and serving a six week internship in a suitable environment belongs to the programme.
I had a really hard time finding something that I would enjoy and that I felt qualified for. Not because there was nothing on the Internet that suited my requirements of six weeks (only partly) but also because I didn't know what I would be interested in and what I could actually do.

A couple of weeks ago, I found an internship offer in a hostel in London which sounded really awesome to me, so I decided to apply for it. 
Only a day later, I got my first answer and I was taken - which I really couldn't believe!! So from then, I started getting everything clarified.
My feeling about the whole thing is very strange at the moment. 
Firstly, I haven't been away for such a long time yet, but I'm not the type of person who gets homesick easily. Also I've never been away all on my own - in another country, among people who expect things from me (I really don't want to be the inept intern who has to be told everything at least twice or is doing everything wrong - that's a horror for me!!! Hopefully, it will turn out all right! Wish me luck!)

I already think about what I would have to pack, where and what I will eat, or where I would wash my laundry - which probably sounds a bit crazy. Also what will I be able to do when I don't have to work? Will I get on with the staff and will I answer their expectations?

To anyone of you who maybe have experienced something similar or who coincidentally have served an internship in London before, do you have any tips or recommendations for me? I would be delighted to hear them!!

Maybe I can manage to write some posts with updates and/or pictures during my stay. I would love to document that for myself and for all of you who would be interested as well :)