The YouTube Review - Girls: ViviannaDoesMakeup

Hey guys!

What the heck?! This post hid half-finished in my drafts folder. OMG. Although I'm quite sure, she will probably never read this post, I still feel the need to apologize: Anna, I'm really sorry!!

Ladies and (probably not but if so: welcome!) gentlemen: Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup (edit: now known as The Anna Edit)! 
More her videos! Love her blog!!

As I just told you, Anna is a YouTuber and a blogger..and she's fantastic at recommending skincare and beauty products! In other news, I know she is one of the most widely known bloggers, but I wanted to write a post about her because I  L O V E  her personality and her way of presenting makeup and clothing items as well as home decor and whatever she decides to show to her audience or readers. I actually can't believe that I didn't do this earlier!!
I'll definitely write a list of drugstore makeup items she recommends which are not available in my normal surroundings, ready to be pulled out when in Boots very soon!!

Every month Anna and Lily Pebbles film a BeautyChat video in which they answer 10 questions about beauty and skincare asked on twitter or facebook under #BeautyChat with them tagged in the messages. As these videos are so popular, they started BeautyChatLive which is them touring around the UK (and lately they even did one session in LA) meeting up with their viewers and talking all things beauty. I have to say, if I lived in the UK I would have definitely wanted to go!!

Anna is definitely one of the YouTubers which have inspired me to go for neutral tones and a monochrome wardrobe (the latter still being in progress as I can't get rid of my clothes... and sometimes the bright corals or blues won't let me leave the store without them living in my shopping bag, oh well...).

Here is one vlog of them both doing BeautyChatLive and their latest BeautyChat video for you to enjoy (in case you haven't watched it yet, or maybe to enjoy a second or third time, in which case I feel you ;) )