Mousse au Curly Hair

Hey guys!

Now, which of you curly-haired girls out there does not admire curls like those in the commercial photo above? Being one of them, I can truly say, I wish, I had hair like that! The photo was most probably not only retouched in the face and on the body but also around the hair area and the curls may not even be naturally there but created with a curling wand with the latest ionic technology but still it gives a nice illusion of how the outcome could look like if we used only a couple of hundred products to tame our manes. If your hair looks similar to the hair in the photo without you having spent a fortune, hours of styling or any effort at all on it, then first of all, I'm very jealous of your locks and second of all: Tell me your secret!!! ;)

What this post will be about is a comparison of different drugstore styling mousses for curly hair which I have put to the test before.
I have devided them into two categories: The ones that I would buy again and those who I wouldn't. Also, is it just me or do you also feel like the media only promotes products for non-frizzy straight or wavy hair which was made wavy artificially? Where is the attention for the curly-haired gals among us and the hard work we have to put into our hair to look somewhat presentable?

I would purchase again

Schwarzkopf got2b twisted double curling power curling mousse
£3 at Superdrug (3,49€ Rossmann)
This styling mousse was very nice and soft which made die distribution in between the hands and into the hair easy and uncomplicated. Consistency-wise, I can say that it is not overly sticky like some mousses are nor overy crunchy after one has finished blow-drying the hair. 

Boots curly hair mousse
£1,49 (now on offer for £1!!)
I purchased this mousse in London after the one I brought with me was used up, so I thought, I'd rather go for a local option opposed one that I could get at home. Turns out, it was a good pick as I was very pleased with the outcome on my hair. The consistency was very similar to the got2b one and the curls were very nice and defined, non-sticky and non-crunchy. Also, it's half the price of the got2b but instead of half the product amount you get 4/5! Thumbs up for that one!

£2,99 at Boots
Also, a good option, this one. If I remember correctly, the mousse was a little bit denser than the previous two but not any worse in my opinion, It still was easily distributable in-between hands and in the hair and left me with a satisfying finish.

Wella Wellaflex Locken und Wellen (meaning curls and waves)
1,35€ at Rossmann
This is the option which I'm currently using, the second bottle actually as I thought I had not tried this before. Hopefully, I will remember next time now that I write about it, haha. Wella is a German brand with its headquarter in Switzerland so I assume that it's only available in Gemany and probably Switzerland and Austria (not sure about those ones) because I have not found a version with English descriptions on the bottle. I find it very similar to the got2b, the boots and the Pantene styling mousse.

I would not re-purchase

Garnier Fructis Style I ♥ My Curls Curl Perfecting Mousse
1,75€ at dm
To be honest, this one is the one I disliked the most. Reasons for that: 1. Its consistency was very dense when I put it in my hand and it was hard to distribute it in-between both hands before putting it into my hair. It rather broke apart and fell off my hands. 2. Because if its density, it was also hard to distribute it (evenly) in the hair, same reasons as before. 3. After blow-drying my hair still looked wet and stuck together and had a crunchy texture where the mousse even could be distributed before. To make it short, a no-go.

Isana Schaumfestiger Pure Locken (meaning mousse for pure curls)
0,69€ at Rossmann
The cheapest option I found (because it is Rossmann's own brand). Unfortunately, I don't really like the texture of it as it is very soft and it is not quite so easy to know if you have covered all your hair when you apply it. Also, I found that it left the dried hair crunchy, stuck together and still wet which is not how you want it to look. A no for me.

In the end, my question to you guys: What do you think of these products? Do you share my opinion? Which ones can you recommend?