The YouTube Review: Girls - ItsWayPastMyBedtime

... aka Carrie Hope Fletcher


Hey guys!

I know, it's been a long while since I last posted on here but now I feel like I'm much more motivated again and I'm excited to continue my series of YouTube(r) reviews for you to enjoy hopefully... ;)

How have I not written this kind of post about this special person is a question that I have asked myself several times before but I feel like, now it's definitely overdue as I love her personality (and voice!) so much!

So, without me further rambling on, let me talk about her in a little bit more detail:
Carrie is a girl in her mid-twenties (like me) who lives in London. She followed her dream and became a singer and actress in musical theatre from a young age, having played Éponine (young and adult) in Les Miserables and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (also as a child and at the moment finishing its tour around the UK as Truly Scrumtious) among others.

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But not only that: She started a blog about her experiences and difficulties as a teenager and general life issues which she eventually further elaborated by publishing her very first 'self helf' book called All I Know Now in 2015 which quickly became a UK No. 1 bestseller. I am currently reading (and loving!) this book although I'm not a teenager anymore and my honest opinion about it is that one can definitely tell that teenagers are the targeted audience BUT there are definitely chapters which could apply to anyone, or which are comforting when comparing her experiences with one's own. It's written in a way which is very comforting in many ways (as I already said), supporting and full of advice, and at the same time non-judgmental at all, even with more negative topics. Mega thumbs up, Carrie!
(Buy it here!!!)

Being a book worm her whole life, she then wanted to dive into the world of fiction writing and brought out her debut novel On The Other Side this year (on my wish list!!!), also becoming a bestseller: You go, girl!
(Available here!)

Still not finished her list of jobs: singer, actress, blogger, bestselling author, YouTuber! This is originally the reason why she appears in this category of my blog. Vlogs, sit down chats, covers, and self written and played/sung music: that is what you can expect to find on her channel. She is one of those YouTubers whose videos I'm excited for every week, highly recommend! Check out and subscribe to be a 'Hopeful' too! And tell her I sent you :D

She is one of those people who I've never met before but I still feel like she could be one of my best friends. Do you watch any YouTubers and feel like this too? Tell me about them in the comments!! I'd love to know!

As always, one of her videos for you:

Hope you enjoyed :)