What I loved in (or since!) October

Hey guys!

It feels like, we're almost already half way through November, where does the time go? Maybe I feel like it because it gets dark 3:15 pm already these days. Anyways, I want to share my October loves with you because I'm totally obsessed with them!!!

No. 1
These western style buckle suede ankle boots from Asos.
There not cheap cheap but they are real suede, they feel amazing and they look stylish but also timeless at the same time, I find. I've worn them a couple already of times since I got them in the mail and I can confirm that they are very comfortable and shapeable, and they also give you that little bit of hight when at the same time not being dangerous to walk in. You might have to be careful on rainy days though because the sole is completely smooth which can make things quite slippery, and because the material is obviously more sensitive than a wipeable shoe.

If you live in Germany, you can get them here. UK readers might want to click here, in case you're from the US, click here, and if your country is not mentioned here, tell me where you are from in the comments! :)

No. 2
The next thing that I've been loving since the last month is a book called Face Paint by the famous makeup artist Lisa Eldrige. I'm sure, if you're into beauty/makeup/YouTube makeup ladies, then you will know her and maybe also her book. It's about the makeup application techniques, products, styles, and also product production and also pigment extraction for cosmetic use throughout history. I'm not even half way through the book yet but I already love it. It's a must read for all makeup/beauty fanatics, I think, and the good thing is that you can always pause without having to go though struggles to get into the topic again after a while. It's really something different and also makes a beautiful colourful coffee table piece. It's also now translated in multiple languages, I still got the English version because I wanted the original words. Is there anyone who owns and loves this book as well?

Available via Thalia (German), (English), or via Amazon (DE) (DE German version), (UK), (US).

It's a beauty item... gem. Yes guys, it had to be. I had heard so many great reviews on this Sleek palette named Solstice that it had been on my list to purchase for quite some time before I actually went for it. I do not own another highlighting palette apart from this one, so it had to happen haha..
Now to the details. When I saw the first reviews on YouTube, I was quite unsure about the lilac shade on the top right called Hemisphere but in person it's more rosy on the skin and not as cool toned as I thought before. Three shades are powder, one called Ecliptic in the top left is creme. I like all of the shades on my skin tone (which is pale unfortunately haha) but I think that Equinox on the bottem right probably looks gorgeous with a tan. The creme shade is the most subtle leaving a glow without the glittery shimmery particles that the others leave (they are veeery fine though, no major glitter face alarm, don't worry!). I see myself probably using the bottem left shade called Subsolar the most although I love all of them. Also, look at the packaging! It's gold, shiny (yes, not fingerprint proof obviously, but I can get past that ;) ) and it closes with a magnet...and it has a mirror!! I have to admit, I have not used the brush that comes with the palette yet so I don't know if it's a good tool to use the product with. Has one of you tried it? Let me know!

You can buy it via Amazon here (DE), here (UK), or here (US), or in Superdrug or other chemists/drugstores/department stores if you are lucky enough to have this brand in stores in your country.

It's nothing special here. It's a brush, an eyeshadow blending brush to be precise. I've had one with a similar shape before from Ebelin (a drugstore brand we get in DM here) but either it's normal or I just got a bad one but mine always left lots and lots of hairs all over my eyelids and face when I used it and I didn't wash it any differently than my other brushes. So one day, I saw this one in Rossmann and thought it's about time to try another one for future eye looks. And what can I say? I love it! It blends very nicely especially for crease shadowing. It's become a staple tool for me now.

If you want to get this one too and live in Germany or anywhere where you can find a Rossmann, click here or hit the nearest store! ;)
Alternatives, I found: US, UK

No. 5
A TV show: How to Get Away with Murder. I kind of became addicted, Since I found out a very good friend of mine also watches and loves it, we always talk about what happened during the last episode, make predictions what will happen next or who is the dead person from the preview scenes in the episodes, or we watch them together. It's a truly addicting show with potential to make jaws drop and very tense moments due to the previews incorporated..and also often confusing. But I love it. Does anyone watch it too? What are your favourite shows?