Underneath the Christmas Tree

Hey guys!

So, this is not my actual wish list but a list of things that I would love to get for Christmas, kind of my imaginary wish list. Who makes those too?

Well, I have started collecting makeup tools from this not only very popular but also prize-winning range last year and I would love to add to it asap ;) Also, I find that my eye brushes that currently live in my collection are not the best quality. You would just have to look at some reviews of these brushes to notice their lovely quality testified by other beauty junkies.

I saw this eyeshadow palette so many times in videos, where Anna from TheAnnaEdit used it and raved about the blendability and the colours that I am sure, it has to be great. Love!
I would opt for the German version, I think, but I have thought about adding this film to my (relatively small) collection because I find this a very important matter that the film deals with which is based on the true life story of Waris Dirie represented by Liya Kebede. I've seen this film so many times and every time it still moves me that such things like female genital mutilation is still practised in lots of countries around the world and that so many women have to suffer their whole life from the consequences of this horrible procedure. For the ones among you who have not watched it yet and like serious matters in films, I would highly recommend watching!

Another item related to YouTube. I actually would not call myself a typical fangirl who wants to have everything that a famous person has ever brought out (eg. clothing, posters, mugs, accessories, you name it). I am also not interested in every YouTuber's biography or other literary output that I watch, but I have my favourites and it surely depends on what kind of thing they make to make me fond of it. This DVD is definitely one of those things that I am interested in because I love Louise and her sense of humour. Because I do not live in the UK, I have never attended one of her standup comedy shows that she had toured the UK with this year as well as the last year. BUT (!) I am able to get a similar atmosphere in the comfort of my own living room when watching this DVD that documented this year's tour. Great! :)

Pixiwoo Present: Hollywood Icons
Yet another item that fits into the same category which I had just explained but still different as well. As soon as I found it on Amazon Germany, I got so excited! A documentary all about beauty, makeup and Hollywood Icons, what's not to love about this? Also, as an extra bonus, it has a limited edition design of the Real Techniques blush brush which I already own and love, especially for powder or bronzer. How amazing is that?! Gotta love Pixiwoo.

I have been following Megan Hess and her beautiful fashion illustrations on Instagram for quite a while now. This book is her latest one which she tours the world's biggest m├ętropoles for. Another one of her books that I'm very interested in is Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon but tbh I would probably love the others too.

Eat Smart: What to eat in a day - every day by Niomi Smart
I have watched Niomi's YouTube channel from the start and I love her motivation regarding healthy eating and fitness. Although I'm not vegan myself, I still really want to own this cook book and if I don't get it for christmas, I'll for sure purchase it one day on my own.

On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher
(photo source)
When will she finally stop saying YouTube all the time, you may think. Hang in there, this is the last time. I just get my inspiration for books and makeup things and fashion styles from there, that's why I mention it so much. So this book is the first fiction book written by Carrie Hope Fletcher, who I have written a whole post about in the past. She had brought out her debut book last year called All I Know Now, which is a kind of teenage reflecting self-help work with anecdotes from her past and advice for handling tough situations. On the Other Side also is the referencial work of her new novella that she has just released last month called Winters' Snow. She is actually currently working on her follow up novel which I am excited to hear about as soon as it's finished as well. I don't know how she does it all..

Back From the Edge by James Arthur
I have discovered this album last month on Spotify as I was searching for the song Say You Won't Let Go after having heard it on the YouTube (did it agin....oh well). This is also one of my favourites from the album aside from Serman and Back From the Edge, which I also like a lot. Who else has recently been listening to this album?

Anthropologie Monogram Mug
Oh how I have adored this mug since I saw it online way back when. And it's actually a permanent item in Anthropologie. Unfortunately, I don't think, there is a store anywhere in this country (correct me if I'm wrong!) but I could still order online, I guess. Love mugs in general, at home we have a whole cupboard full of collected ones and I see myself doing the same thing once I have my own place and this would definitely be on the top of my wish list! How gorgeous is this?!

Yes!!! There is another version of this gold monogram style drinking vessel! Amazing! Equally on top of my imaginary list to collect. This store in general has such beautiful dishes and kitchen things, I'm a little bit obsessed (and so sad not to have it here *cries*)!

The last Anthropologie item for today: the nicest coasters I probably have ever seen in my life! Not cheap with 11€ a piece but how beautiful!? With their gold rims and detailing, love love love! Almost too nice to actually use and put mugs and glasses on, hope they don't scratch too easily, that would be a shame, wouldn't it?

The more traditional, chic one. Neutral in tone, some rosegold detailing on the rim and handle. Classic. I could imagine having a set of four of these in the cupboard for a nice hot chocolate or something. Mugs are also always a good option for a Secret Santa gift.

Another pick from John Lewis. Again a store that we don't have here and ordering online would be the only option but they have such a nice selection of items in all possible sorts of categories, not only dishes but also decoration, clothing, everything basically, that you could spend scrolling through their website for days straight. I liked this mug style which is a bit more modern in my eyes than the previous one and has matching plates and things that I saw on the paige as well, in case you want to check those out, too.

John Lewis Robin Mug
Another mug, yes, I know (last one though), but I mean how cute is this?? When I saw this online, I just had to include it here because it's about ideas for a christmas wish list (or even my imaginary christmas wishlist to be precise, right?) so I couldn't not show this to you. There are multiple ones in this style available but I found this the cutest. There is another bird on the other side with a worm in its bill but it's still so dran cute. What do you think?

Yes, there it is, the matching small bowl for cereal or mini salads or whatever you decide to snack on. Simple, nicely stackable design, in the bag. Sort of.

For some reason, this pattern reminds me of dandelions, anyone else?Another set of four, this time matchy matchy but classic neutral colours, not too crazy of a pattern, love them! Also, last dish item here, in case you maybe got bored after a million mugs, glasses and bowls..which I don't know why anyone would but.. preference... hehe

John Lewis Halo Bowl Set
(photo source)
You also love little patterned bowls, especially the mix and match style monochrome ones? Then maybe these ones are for you! You don't even have to search for matching/non-matching ones to complete your collection of bowls going with each other, you already have them in a pack of four!

Switching to the topic of fashion! Yeay! I recently saw a video by Lily (Lily Pebbles) and Anna (The Anna Edit) who designed this one and one other design of jumpers for a charity called Look Good Feel Better, which supports women and children with cancer, so in case you like them and decide to buy them (not available forever, sadly), the money goes to a great cause (so you can feel very good about spending your money on new clothing!). I prefer this design and could definitely see me wearing this lounging around the house.

These cute and fashionable boots strongly reminded me in style of the tricoloured Dior boots that Victoria from InTheFrow owns but in black, not as pointy and much cheaper. I find them even nicer like this actually and more wearable on the daily basis for a normal girl. Also, the block heel makes it easier not to stumble quite as easily as a stiletto one.

I have to say, I normally would say, I'm not the girl for overknee/thigh-high boots but I saw these on on someone and I saw so many others (much more expensive ones) on others that I kind of wish I had these and they aren't even that expensive! Bonus! I just don't know, if I could pull them off and if they would not look a little bit overdressed for my region but hey, I think, they are very nice looking and therefore they are on my list.

Asos Checked Flannel Shirt

Don't really know where my interest in these in recent times came from but I really like simple and soft checked flannels for the winter time. I think, they are a classic wardrobe stable as they come round year after year and don't seem to go out of fashion any time soon. They look kind of sophisticated but casual at the same time (my logic, I know). I really like this white or cream version with the grey checks and brown buttons.

Asos - Y.A.S Striped Shirt
(photo source)
Another classic sophisticated piece, this time more of a blouse than a shirt. One for the monochrome lovers. I think, this blouse can transform an outfit into either classy or cool, depending on the combination. Not the cheapest, but probably worth it as I have seen this style and pattern for quite a while now which means that it probably won't go out of fashion in the near future.

I don't already have a pair of sunnies in this style with the bar. I have tried on so many pairs of aviator style sunglasses and most of them look rediculous on me, just like these round glasses ones but I think these ones could be the bomb.com!

(photo source)
I had my eyes on this watch literally for years. If I don't purchase it very soon, I feel like it might be discontinued, little bit paranoid probably.. I just love this simplistic, chic, classic design with the rosegold and the black leather wristband. It was THE blogger watch about a year ago if I remember correctly and I totally see why. It just suits every outfit and in case I didn't say it before, I LOVE it!

Little black cross-body bag for the girl who doesn't carry all her belongings on the regular. Suitable for sophisticated and casual styles. The tassel on top of the practical popper gives a nice detail to the bag without overloading it. Classic piece, I find.
(photo source)
Another leather handbag, this time bigger and very structured with a shoulder strap which I prefer to only handles. It also contains a detachable leopard print wallet which I could imagine being useful as a survival kit bag or makeup bag for on the go touch ups. Great!

(photo source)
I've only heard great things about Whistles clutch bags. This one is a small but not tiny sized one, perfect for an evening out or a fancy event. The lizard-like texture adds to the looks which makes the bag overall more interesting and fancy looking. Lovely!

What would you love to see under the tree?