Give me Texture, Take the Grease!

Hey guys!

A couple of years ago, I discovered dry shampoo through YouTube. I went to my local drugstore and bought their version, which is the ISANA Dry Shampoo. I naturally have quite an oily scalp. After seeing some videos of people recommending making your hair used to not being washed every day to avoid an overly fast oil production at the roots of the hair, I gave it a go but it didn't work for me. If I know, I don't have plans to leave the house, I will extend the period of time of not washing my hair but otherwise, it's not something I'm comfortable doing when I have to go outside. The before mentioned dry shampoo was the first one I'd ever tried up to that point and I have to say, it worked for me. It made my hair look not that greasy at the roots and mattified it whilst giving it some grip. I still would only wear my hair up at those days but I felt way more comfortable than before. I didn't see any white residue on my hair after spraying it on and massaging it in but as my hair is dark blond I can't tell if it might be visible on darker hair. Personally, I would definitely repurchase it, it's very cheap and works well for my hair type.

My sister had purchased a Batiste dry shampoo a while ago and once I was out of mine by ISANA I borrowed hers a couple of times to test it. In my opinion, it worked fine although I prefer the one by ISANA. The Batiste dry shampoo costs a bit more and I have seen white patches once I had sprayed it too closely to my hair. I therefore would recommend paying attention to the distance between the can and the hair to avoid those patches, which probably can't completely be dissolved by massaging the product in. At least, the scent is nice but I would still go with the one by ISANA if I had to choose between them.

I heard of the COLAB dry shampoos right from the start as I watch Ruth Crilly's aka A Model Recommends YouTube channel regulary and I always wanted to try it but my local drugstores didn't and still don't carry the brand. Recently, I went to a drugstore in a neighbouring city and found the newly packaged COLAB dry shampoos! They had four different scents, I opted for the paradise one with the flamingos on it. I really liked the scent and as it says on the can, it doesn't leave any white residue on the hair, which is what the brand stands for and is well-loved in the YouTube community. Its a bit more expensive than the Batiste dry shampoo but still just under the 5€ mark so totally affordable (I mean, have you heard of the price of the OribĂ© one? ;) )

I would love to hear your opinion, reviews and recommendations on dry shampoos as I am always open to try new products and I would be delighted to learn from your investigations so leave me a comment down below!