The YouTube Review - Girls: Sprinkle of Glitter

Hey guys!

Since I enjoy watching YouTube videos very much and therefore do it all the time, I came up with the idea of starting a series called "The YouTube Review". In this series, I will write posts about male and female YouTubers, music channels and channels with other content.

Today's post will be about Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter!

Wife, mother, blogger, YouTuber: Louise is like a best friend or mother to all her Sprinklerinos - as she calls her viewers/followers.
With her lovely personality, her euphory about not only the big but also the little things in life, and her infectious nature, she fascinates her viewers immediately.
Coming to the content of her videos: Louise has two channels, her main channel SprinkleofGlitter and her second channel SprinkleofChatter.
One topic she talks about on her main channel is all things beauty, like favourites of the month, reviews of products and sometimes even little makeup tutorials about her recent makeup looks. Another topic she's very passionate about is shopping and clothing. She shares her latest shopped pieces in hauls and lookbooks for every season to present her style and is an example for others that women can also look stunning without being a size 0!

Apart from that, Louise has a thing for the little things, like baby clothing items. Baby Glitter (which is the name her little daughter was given for Youtube) is a happy bunny! Another kind of video, she does on her main channel is collaborations: Challenges are accepted, interesting topics are discussed, games are played - all in all: It's fun!

On her second channel, as the name says it, Louise shares chatting videos. Over there you can find any kind of vlogs filmed at her YouTube journeys to conventions or meetups, everyday vlogs, Vlogmas, and also a mini series with Zoe (well-known as Zoella on YouTube, and her bestest chummy :) ) in which they talk about important personal problems people could have, which are meant to be little advice videos for her viewers. I really enjoy these advice videos because I find them very helpful and they show how caring Louise (and Zoe, of course) feel about their viewers, like a big family. I really hope that they continue this series some time! And I really said really way too often now.
I put one of these videos here:

I honestly admire her for managing her life as a working mother and wife, for always finding the time to film a video or write a blogpost on her blog (or being really sorry if she has to deviate from her schedule) and after all this time doing all this still being highly motivated and passionate about it!
But now, enough said: Go and check out her channel!

Which YouTubers are your favourites? Leave it in the comments!