Hot or Not?

Hey guys!

I thought, it's about time that I talk a little bit about the item which makes us look more awake, gives blond lashes a visible life and which brings the whole makeup look to completion: Mascara!

The Maybelline Go Extreme Volume Express Waterproof in Black is my current go-to mascara. It has a rounded hair wand which applies the creamy formulated mascara quite nicely. I acutally like hair brushes the most because I find them most effective for my lashes in terms of length and volume. When you first open it, it creates a very nice look to the lashes, but unfortunately it dries out quite quickly which makes the application harder. The bristles stick together easily and make the panda look more probable. I mean, pandas are cute and all but for real, it doesn't look so cute on people, right? Because it is a drugstore product, the price of around 9€ is on the cheaper end of the scale. Though, I will try another one as soon as I'm totally out of it as I do like it but due to the not so long-living texture, I think there are better ones to find.

The Astor Big & Beautiful Waterproof Boom Mascara in Black was one that I had quite high hopes for. Firstly, I love the gold packaging which is compared to the quite cheap looking yellow packaging of the Maybelline mascara the definite winner. It has a big hair wand which made me want to try it. When I tried it on my lashes, I liked the wet formular of the mascara but as soon as the first coat was applied I started hating it. It made my lashes stick together and created a kind of three-lashes-on-each-eye-look. Furthermore, my lashes, which are blond naturally and therefore almost invisible without mascara, looked very short and thin: not what you want your mascara to do for you. For a price of around 10€, you can obviously not expect wonders but this result was an absolute catastrophy for me which made me wish I hadn't purchased that one.

I hope this post gave you a quick overview of these two mascaras and helps you saving your money, especially if you considered trying the Astor mascara. Maybe it's only me who hates it and there are people who love it,I can only say, it doesn't do anything good for me. Which one is your favourite mascara? If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them! Also, have you tried any mascara which you would never buy again and why? See you next time!