The YouTube Review - Girls: GlamLifeGuru

Hey guys!

You don't know to whose beautiful face this is? Then you're missing out!
Tati from GlamLifeGuru, everyone!

Tati is a very lovely young woman and beauty guru from the US. She posts 5 YouTube videos per week. That's a plus, right? I love to see a new video of hers popping up in my subscription box every time. I think, her videos are very helpful for all us beauty lovers out there! You wonder, which products are worth the money (Hot or Not Thursday) may them be high end or drugstore products, how you get rid of all the bacteria in your foundation sponge (TipTuesday) or want to be up to date on her wedding organisation (WeddingWednesday)?

There is so much to explore on her channel, I cannot recommend it enough!
Besides makeup she also talks about hair and skin care, hair styles, makeup application, and a little bit about fashion.

I actually really ♥ her recent series 'Makeup Graveyard'! For once, I love to see other people's collections (the huger, the better) but I also like to see which products are worth investing in and which ones to avoid from an expert's perspective who has actually tried the products and worked with them in several different ways. Anyone feeling the same?


All that's probably left to say is: Have fun checking out her channel and see you next time :)
Take care!