1st 2015 Drugstore Haul

Hey guys!

Quite recently I did my first little shopping spree in the drugstore and I thought, why not showing them to you and ask if anyone of you has maybe also tried the products I picked up?

So the first product I bought is the P2 Eyes&Cheeks Highlighter in No. 21 high beam.
I've only started using it, so this is more of a first impression review but so far I've really liked it. It has tiny little glitter particles in it but when you apply it on the face it just creates a very subtle golden-ish shimmery effect. It's a powder highlighter and it has a really nice texture. You can't really pick up too much product with your brush which I find is a plus because highlighters can easily make you look very shiny if you aren't careful.

The next thing which I picked up is the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara in Waterproof. At the moment I'm quite experimental with my mascaras and want to try new things after I run out of my old one and this time it was time for the much raved about The Rocket. I really like Maybelline mascaras in general. Normally I'm more of a strong believer in bristle wands as I think that they give more volume to the lashes but I thought, you know what? I'm going to give this plastic wand a chance and see how I get on with it. The first time I applied it I wasn't majorly impressed but after I tried it a couple more days I learned to like it. I find that it's one of those products which doesn't give a massive effect after applying one coat but it has to be built up slowly. It's a nice mascara for me, no flaking, no crumbeling off the lashes in the day and I have a feeling that it won't dry out as fast as the ones with bristled wands do. We'll see.

Another product I had spotted while in the drugstore is the Dove nutrium moisture Shower Cream. I haven't tried any Dove shower product yet but I really love their Body Lotions, especially their Winter Limited Editions. I find they are the best and most moisturizing body lotions which I have tried so far. They have a nice texture which sinks into the skin quite fast and really hydrates it. In the winter I often have the problem of flaky skin on my stomach and my legs and this stuff really helps it! I also bought one of these again (Dove Deep Care Complex Limited Editionas I ran out of my other one recently. But as I ramble I originally wanted to talk about the shower cream which I have not tried yet but have high expectations for as I love their body lotions so much.

Talking about running out of things, I also recently run out of brow gel which became a stable product in my regime. I have tried a few different ones now but I think that this is a product which you don't have to spend much money on if you just want to use a clear one. I think the one from Essence (1,99€ I think) does its job and what more would you want? I'd rather spend my money on lipstick, eyeshadow and whatever else might strike the eye (which is a lot in my case!).

The last things I got was a replacement of my Garnier Anti Spot Tonic which I swear on since I started using my old one (and as it slowly started running out I actually started panicking a bit when I couldn't find it in my local drugstore. Luckily I found it at another place. Life saved. I will do a separate post about this any time soon.) and the Garnier Self-Heating Clarifying Face Mask. I've tried this once before and was quite surprised how warm it actually was after I had applied it but as I have quite problematic skin, I find that every once in a while it would be a nice treatment.

So that's all for this haul. I hope you liked my little first impressions review on some of the products (Do you use any of these products, too? What do you think of them?) and I hope that you share your Holy Grail products which you swear by and which I will have to try when I hop into a drugstore next time in the comments!