New Year, New Me (kind of)

Hey guys!

First of all, I'm very sorry for the lack of content in the last couple of months. Oh my.. it has been MONTHS! That's crazy.

So much has happened since I last posted something on here. Uni started again in October, time flew by, suddenly Santa knocked on the door, and before I could turn around New Year's Eve was right around the corner. Then uni started again after the holiday break and now it's the time of exam prepping, presentation making, and all things students have to organize at the end of the semester. How fast did that all happen?!

But this should not be a regretful post (only haha) but rather a (very!) late 'Happy New Year'-post to all of you!

I thought, I'd tell you about my New Year's resolutions for this year. I saw a whole lot of bloggers and YouTubers talk about them recently and I decided to jump on that train and really try and hold on to my own ones this year.
And I have to say, I didn't do that bad, actually!! (Let's pretend it wasn't the 18th January just yet and 'be more active on the blog' was not one of the points on my list. :D )
But now after a very busy weekend of mostly preparing presentations, I feel like diving straight into the blogging thing again. So here are my new year's resolutions for 2015:

1) Drink more water!
          I must look like a desert on the inside of my body comparing to the daily amount of water that I put into it..not good for the skin and not good for the health as a total.. NEED to change that!

2) Go to bed earlier!
          Now, that's a thoughy, too, as I'm quite a night owl and staying awake till I have only a couple of hours to sleep before having to rush out the door to not miss my train to uni (and not able to stop yawning all day) happens more often than my body likes.

3) Treat your skin better!
          I actually don't have to start from the beginning here but rather stick my current routine and do face masks more often (and cut out the lazy half-asleep not proper makeup removal acts which happened from time to time!!!)

4) Be organized!
          This actually goes hand in hand with 'The earlier, the better!' which is also on my list. I have to start things at an appropriate time to get ready with them in a not so much rushed way...creates more time to relax and better results overall. Also I have to face things earlier in terms of self-administration, and this applies to uni stuff and also my room (which looks like a mess in a very short period of time after I tidied and cleaned it)

5) Exercise more!
          The classic. Honestly, who does NOT have this on their list? This year (I know, I thought that every year before) I really want to make an effort and move my body more! Sitting on trains and at uni and at home and then having a shower and go to bed is not healthy overall and especially not good for the digestion – I've had real pain in my stomach lately which must have been a result from a lack of movement!

6) Be more open!
          Well, I'm more of a shy person in general, which means I don't walk up to people that I don't know and talk to them that easily. Sometimes I just have to push myself, if it is a situation in which I have to get to know group members at uni or get information from people in public. Also I want to make more friends (who doesn't?) and that just doesn't work out without talking to people you don't know before! Easy as that. Just do it!

7) Be more active on the blog!
          Not quite an unimportant point here! I have to admit, I have abandoned this little place for quite a while and I feel really bad for it! Like, really bad!!! Let's make a new start and hope this never happens again! #MotivationMonday

And last but not least..
8) Read more!
          Not that I don't like reading but sometimes I go through phases in which I just don't want to read books after coming from uni or on the weekends because (ok, sometimes I'm sure my laziness doesn't help it neither!) I have to read and have read a whole lot for uni so that grabbing a book and have another read is not really the first thing that I desire to do. Sad, I know. Especially after I have piled up quite a few new books on my shelf which call my name! I need to find my old pleasure in reading again :)

That's it. And that was a lot. Maybe it gave a bit of inspiration to some of you! I actually have my resolutions on my desktop so that I have them right in front of me all the time and don't forget about them (Does that mean I sit on my laptop all the time!?!? Oh no!!).

I hope you all had a great start into 2015 and may the odds be ever in your favor, just joking ;) ..and I'd like to hear your New Year's resolutions! Do you have any? Do we share some? Do you really try this year?