The YouTube Review - Girls: Essie Button

Hey guys!

Time for the first YouTube Review of this year! Yes, it's Estée Lalonde aka Essie Button!

Estée lives in London with her boyfriend Aslan and her dog Reggie but originally she's from Canada. She is a beauty blogger and YouTuber who I started watching only a few months ago (what?!) after seeing her in TMI videos with Amelia Liana which I really enjoy because they're not only quite useful but also hilarious to watch:

She talks about beauty, skincare, lifestyle, fashion and everything she loves apart from that (for example tea - she made a whole video about that!). I think by now you can tell a pattern here. I just love watching those types of videos/people on YouTube! Talking about people - Estée has an amazing kind of humour! Just the way she talks about things, I can't not laugh! #sorrynotsorry

Apart from her main channel she also has a second channel on YouTube called essiebuttonvlogs where she posts daily vlogs. Here you can also have a sneak peak on her boyfriend and her dog Reggie!

If you are a passionate lover of beauty blogs, check hers out! I highly recommend it! Her style of writing exactly represents her humour which gives the whole thing her special charme.

I could go on for ages talking about how I like her but I think you probably rather want to read her blog or watch her videos now ;)

Until next time!