Prague Diaries: Day 1

Hey guys!

Some of you may remember that a looong time ago this year I said, I would visit Prague for four days with some of my girl friends. And I did so although a long time has passed, I still wanted to tell you what we did and show you some photos I took on the trip.

Day 1

It was Saturday, May 14th, and the alarm clock went off at three o'clock in the morning. To make the most of our first day in Prague after a long train journey, we decided to take a very early train from Bielefeld and change the first time in Hannover and a second time in Dresden to finally arrive in the Czech Republic's capital, Praha, which is the Czech name for Prague, around lunch time. After figuring out where to get our public transport tickets, we took our first tram to our hotel, Hotel Olšanka, which is located only ten minutes from the city centre by tram. A few minutes relaxing and unpacking later, we were off again to start exploring the city for the first time.

The first thing we wanted to visit was the Old Town Square with the Old Town Hall and its famous astronomical clock. For being mid-May, the weather was lovely and warm during the day: best conditions for taking some photos of the amazing historical buildings, squares and bridges over the Moldova.

Speaking of the Moldova.. strolling along the riverside and enjoying the sunshine, we spontanously decided to to go on a 50 minutes cruise on one of the many cruise ships available. Over the loudspeakers, we were informed in eight languages or so about the buildings along the riverside, the Charlesbridge, Prague Castle, and more. It seemed, we had only just blinked and the cruise was over.
Our watches told us, it had become evening already and all of us slowly but steadily were getting hangry, so we searched for a place to have dinner and found it in U Parlamentu not far from the river.

(The big building in the center is actually the National Theatre called Národní divadlo)

As the day came to an end, we gathered in one of our family room's bedrooms to watch the Eurovision Song Contest (which as we know now, did not go too well for our home country haha but we still had a fun and cozy evening together!).

For hearing about our experiences and activities on day 2, 3, and 4, please come back next time :)

Do any of you reading come from the Czech Republic or have been to Prague?