Prague Diaries: Day 2

and on we go..

Hey guys!

As promised, here comes the activities me and my friends did on day 2 of our Whitsun getaway in May. (If you missed day 1, head over here!)

On our first morning in Prague, we enjoyed the breakfast buffet in our hotel and soon stepped outside to visit Prague Castle which is the biggest enclosed castle complex in the world!
Hopping of the tram, we took the entrance through the royal gardens and took what felt like a bazillion photos of fountains, halls, trees, views and other things. This was also the reason why it took us a while to actually enter Prague Castle through the castle's gates.

By accident we were each gifted a ticket for St. George's Basilica, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Golden Lane, and the museum of armours as a tourist guide 'got stood up' by the group who booked a tour with him and had already paid the tickets so we were happy bunnies!
Although, as a little tip for you, in case you considered visiting buildings at Prague Castle with a ticket: make sure you check the opening times of the buildings because we had to wait for 30 minutes in a queue that went all around to the rear of the the cathedral (when we joined it anyways, it got even longer the nearer we got to the opening time, and they only let people in when others left!!).

Having spent all morning at Prague Castle, we finally changed riversides again from Malá Strana to Staré Město and searched the recommended little café called Montmatre to warm up and have a snack. It's a nice little café with a rustic interior and local foods on the menu. I opted for the pastry but wouldn't recommend it as I found it a little bit paper-like in taste and veeery sweet because of all the cream in it but my friends seemed content with their choice, a slice of apple cake.

Having warmed up and filled our stomachs, we decided to visit the Petřín Tower which was built inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris and invites its visitors to climb its 299 steps to enjoy a beautiful 360° panorama over the whole city. I have to say, you have to have some stamina for the way up and I don't recommend it to people with major fear of hights because you can't just go back down at any point and it can be quite windy up at the second platform!
To get there we took the funicular railway up Petřín Hill and then went for a short walk to Petřín Tower.

After returning to safe grounds, we went downhill by foot and then took a tram to Staré Město, the Old Town, again and went on a mission to find a place for dinner. As about three options from our guidebooks either didn't exist anymore or have not been to our taste, we eventually ended up in Mama Lucy, a very small but lovely restaurant near the Old Town Square. Because all of us said that we were to only eat 'traditional' Czech food on our trip, we chose what I call the Taste Dish (don't know, if that is a good translation here) for all four of us with several sorts of meat, roasted vegetables and potato pancakes on it. It was delicious and a really nice way of trying out different foods which would have been way to much had we all ordered multiple things (and probably very expensive haha). Overall though, I have to mention that food and drinks were really affordable in Prague (compared to German prices in restaurants for example), which is why we went out for dinner every day and get to know the Czech dishes.

Following our lovely dinner, we headed to the TV tower which was located only one stop away from our hotel, I think. It was dark already and it's not as easy to find a tall tower when you are that near it as we thought because at some point it seems as if it just disappeared haha. We found it eventually and went up to find ourselves being the only tourists crushing a Salsa dance class/party with fancy dressed locals! Having let that sink in, we turned to the room with bauble like, very fancy looking (but very uncomfortable and veeery squeaky) chairs hanging from the ceiling and a view to die for. Prague at night lit by thousand lights was very nice to look at indeed! Unfortunately, because it was so dark, my camera couldn't pick up any of it, so I don't have any photos for you :(

I hope, you have enjoyed this post and will come back for day 3 and 4 which I will probably combine into one post. If you missed day 1, I'll link it here for you!

Thanks for reading!