5 Bloggers You Need to Follow ASAP

Hey guys!

The visuals, the layout: Heart Eyes Emoji. That's all I can say. Well, I can and will say more but.. you know what I mean. I love the high quality photos, the personal posts, the fashion related posts, the travel posts, the beauty posts, I love everything about this blog basically! And Victoria is such a sweetheart, I have started commenting on blog posts and YouTube videos lately from formerly being one of those passive viewers/readers and she always reacted in some way or another and I love that. It shows that she actually reads through her comment sections and likes engaging with her audience.

THE skincare queen. You can basically find anything on her blog which is in one way or another connected to skincare, may it be product reviews, recommendations, brand reviews, tipps, what have you. Such an informative one for any person that is trying to get rid of unwanted skin issues or that is hunting for brilliant products and techniques to look after their skin, very helpful indeed! Also, she recently transfered her blog from blogger to wordpress and it's now also very appealing to look at!

My very favourite travel blog to read. I feel like they have explored and reported on every single corner of the world and I always find myself making mental notes for things to do in all the places they visited (more like pinning their entire website on my Pinterest travel boards!!!)

4. Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends and The Uphill
Now Ruth's blogs are very different from another, the one is about makeup looks, products and all things beauty and lifestyle whereas the other is about her pregnancies, life as a pregnant woman with and without a toddler and regular updates on body changes and all kinds of informative baby related topics. Although I am not anywhere near having a baby, I still enjoy her posts on that blog a lot because it's always interesting to learn about those kinds of topics even if they don't apply on my life at the moment. Also, she writes in such a witty style, it almost feels like she is reading her posts out loud for you.

Another beauty blog, you might argue. Yes and no. She obviously writes about many beauty related things like favourite products, makeup looks and this sort of thing but she also writes about lifestyle, food and exercise which makes her blog quite an allrounder which I really enjoy.

Obviously, these are not the only blogs that I read and love but these bloggers are my top 5 and I think there must be one for you among them, right?
Which ones do you count as your top 5? I'm always curious about finding new and interesting blogs to follow!