SOS! Hair Loss!

Hey guys!

I realized that I hadn't spoken about any particular cosmetic products in a while, so I thought it was time to share my experience with the Plantur 21 shampoo, which I've been using since October, with you.

What is it?
It's a shampoo with caffeine that claims to help with low hair growth (and is specifically formulated for coloured and stressed hair. The caffeine activates the hair roots and improves hair growth (more info here).

Why did I buy it?
I always had fine hair and not very much hair to start with. For years now, I have suffered from major hair loss in addition to that which resulted in hair all over my clothes, my sheets, in the shower and in the comb after showering which made me decide that it can't continue like that any longer. A friend of mine with very fine hair had told me she had used it and she had the impression that it helped making her hair fuller and stronger overall. I had seen adverts on television before but who knows if it actually helps. Seeing as it is not the cheapest of shampoos at 6,95€ when not on offer, I decided to do some research online on how other users got on with this product. I was surprised that the reviews where very positive overall with only very few mentioning that it didn't help or made their hair loss even worse. I guess, they might have an allergic reaction to certain ingredients when experiencing more hair loss.

How did I get on with it? Which results did I experience using it for over 3 months now?
I have to say, I don't wash my hair daily but every several days although I think, you could wash it every day with this shampoo. The effects of course are not apparent after one use or one week of use but after some time I could definitely notice a distinct decrease of hair in my comb after showering. I still can't see a major hair growth but I have long hair so I can't tell if it would be noticable if you had a short hairstyle. I'm on the last fifth of my shampoo bottle now but I have repurchased a new one already. In case I see big changes in the amount of hair on my head in the future (maybe it will actually be fuller, that's the dream anyway) I will definitely update you on here.

Would I recommend it?
If it didn't become clear already, then yes, I would recommend. If it doesn't help, maybe consider getting your blood values checked as I was told that major hair loss could also result from low iron values or psychological causes like stress. Apart from that, you can't expect instant results from the shampoo because your body has to get used to it for some time before major differences are noticable.

Are there more products in the range?
Yes, there are but I have not tried them. More info on those here & here. If you're older, maybe check this out. If anyone has tried the other products, leave a comment and tell us about your experience with them!

Where can I get it?
In Germany (and I assume it's probably also available in Austria and Switzerland but I'm not sure), you can get it at any drugstore (dm, Rossmann) but I've seen that they are also available online on Amazon.

Have any of you tried this product or have found other ways/products to fight hair loss? I'd love to know!