Guilty Pleasure & Autumn Lips

Hey guys!

I have a confession... When I went to my local drugstore, toothpaste was on my list to buy. And I went in, and you know..the cosmetics counters, they..called my name! I swear, they did! So I saw all the lovely autumn lip colours and just didn't have the heart to leave them behind. That kind of makes me a good person, right?

At first the new Lip Laquers by Manhattan caught my eye. They immediately reminded me of the Rimmel Apocalips which I haven't seen anywhere in Germany before because Rimmel is hard to find here. They look very similar which made me swatch the whole range as I wanted to know what all the fuzz was about. First of all, I love the packaging! The shape is very unique to other products and you can see the colour on the bottom without having to turn it.  I mean, they are of course not the exactly the same as the Apocalips but maybe they're similar! In the end I decided to keep the one with the pinky berry colour called 'Don't Be Shy!'. I couldn't think of any similar colour in my stash and the formulation was new to me as well, so in the bag it went.

The other thing I bought was the Manhatten Lipstick in 54V which says X-treme Last & Shine on it so I thought, that sounds good! Swatched, convinced. It's a nice rich darker red with a very creamy formular and a nice pigmentation. I have to say, I have several Manhattan lipsticks in my makeup collection and I am very content with them. The price is amazing and I always find a colour for me. The only thing, that I think could be improved is the naming of the lipsticks because they have non, well they have numbers but I'd prefer names instead. 
My very favourite lipstick which I wear all the time is from Manhattan too. Maybe I'll do a 'All I own from Manhatten' post soon. Would you like to see that?

('Don't be shy!' on the right, 54V on the left)

Have you bought one or both of these products recently? If yes, what do you think of them? Any further recommendations for drugstore lip products for the season? I would love to hear them!