Skin Saver: Moringa Body Butter

Hey guys!

As the temperature slowly begins to decrease and it gets more cloudy and windy, our skin slowly starts to get dehydrated quickly. I find myself reach for hand cream and want to put on body butter after having a shower to give my skin a little pick-me-up more often. For the body, there are so many products on the market these days. One product which is in between drugstore and high end is the Body Butter by The Body Shop. There is probably noone out there who has never heard of them because they have a huge range of scents, great quality and are still affordable at the same time.

The one I have is the Moringa Body Butter which was a christmas present from one of my best friends and the first body butter I have tried, yet (but I'm looking forward to extending my 'collection' soon!).

I really like the very rich formulation which leaves the nicest feeling of moisture on your skin. It sets quite quickly but I would recommend waiting a few minutes until putting tights on after having applied it onto your legs. Been there, done that. Ends up quite frustrating, believe me.

In terms of scent, I have to say, it's quite strong directly after the application but very lovely. Of course, I can only talk about the Moringa version which is obviously quite floral. I love it.
Also, I always receive compliments on how nice I'd smell after having applied it, which kind of confirms the argument, right?

Do you have a Body Butter by The Body Shop on your wishlist at the moment? If yes, which one? Or which one is your favourite from the range?


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