Friendship | A Poem

Hey guys!

Something a little different today.
This semester I visit a course at uni called Creative Writing and this is one of the pieces I wrote as part of the course. I hope you'll like it!

F R I E N D S H I P  is like

... a baby - it has to be taken care of by its creators to grow.

... a flower - without watering it will die.

... a lifebelt - able to safe you from drowning.

... an invisible bond - connecting two lives.

M A K I N G   A   F R I E N D  is like

... winning the lottery - a miracle enriching the life.

... finding someone who speaks the same inner language - there's no need of perpetual explanation.

... presenting someone with the key to your soul - allowing to enter your world.

... covering insurance - providing a safety net in bad and the certainty of protection in good times.

H A V I N G   A   F R I E N D  is like

... keeping an interactive diary - sharing your thoughts and getting response.

... getting access to a source of creativity and calmness - a place to turn to in desparate moments.

... being a sibling in spirit.

... having a partner on the journey called life.