The YouTube Review - Music: Kurt Hugo Schneider

Hey guys!

The second music channel on YouTube that I want to show you and which I adore is the one called and run by Kurt Hugo Schneider.

On his main channel he shares music videos in the form of covers, medleys, mashups and original songs, mostly sung by fellow YouTubers like Max Scheider, Madilyn Bailey, Macy Kate, Sam Tsui, Josh Levi, Alex Goot, Austin Percario, Tyler Ward, Bethany Mota, Diamond White, Kina Grannis, Victoria Justice, you get the gist, the list is endless..

He is one of the talented YouTubers music-wise in my opinion who can play almost any instrument you could think of... name one, he can most probably play it.
Recently, he has done lots of one-take videos as well which is probably really difficult to coordinate considering the people (himself included) keep changing locations, instruments and everything, although I do realize that the music is recorded separately. His anual mashups of the most popular songs of the year are among my favourite videos of the channel as well as those listed below.

His second channel gives you an insight into how the shootings of his videos take place 'Behind the Scenes'-style and also contains vlogs.

In case you had never heard of his name or his channel before, you've been missing out, that's for sure! So enjoy the videos and maybe hop over to his channel and subscribe to not miss any new videos that he regularly posts.

Which of his videos is your favourite?