and the Oscar goes to ...

Hey guys!

So last night (or very early in the morning for all of us in Germany) it was the night of the 88th Annual Academy Awards. I thought it's only consequential to create my own categories and winners.

Best Dressed

Jennifer Lawrence
Nominee for Best Actress in Joy
in Dior Haute Couture

Charlize Theron
in Dior Haute Couture

Alicia Vikander
Nominee for Best Supporting Actress in The Danish Girl (winner)
in Louis Vuitton (also, look at her hair and make-up!!! and I want her skin colour!)

Eddie Redmayne
Nominee for Best Actor in The Danish Girl
in Alexander McQueen (looove the velvet and classic black combination with tie!)

Cate Blanchett
Nominee for Best Actress in Carol
in Armani

Priyanka Chopra
in Zuhair Murad (sheer but classy!)

Lady Gaga
Nominee for Best Original Song in The Hunting Ground with 'Til It Happens To You'
in Brandon Maxwell (interesting combo of dress and jumpsuit)

Jennifer Garner
in Versace

Films I now (and some even before yesterday) want to see

Spotlight (nominated for Best Original Screenplay, won; nominated for Best Picture, won; nominated for Best Film Editing; various nominations in other categories)
I think, it has a very serious and important topic being child sex abuse by the Catholic priests in the Boston area.

The Danish Girl (nominated for Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, and acting categories)
This films has again a very serious topic, telling the story of one of the first transgender women who underwent gender adapting surgery. I think, it also contains a very moving love story which has big potential for making me share some tears.

Amy (nominated for Best Documentary - Feature, won)
A film telling the life story of Amy Winehouse, a musical icon who died way too early and put her mark on the soul, jazz and blues history of music. Also, having music as a main topic makes a film be very likely one that I want to watch.

Brooklyn (nominated for Best Picture, and Best Adapted Screenplay)
A combination of the fate of a migrant, a strong independent woman, and a love story, this film was immediately one for my list of TO WATCH.

A Girl in the River - The Price of Forgiveness (nominated for Best Documentary - Short Subject, won)
A young woman in Pakistan survives an honour killing attempt by people from her village. A very current topic in the religious and social category which includes a lot of injustice, pressure and cruelty.

Cinderella (nominated for Best Costume Design)
There is always room in my heart for a film by Disney. Simple as that. 

Favourite Speeches

Leonardo DiCaprio for including the political topic of climate change into his speech calling upon everybody for not negating and ignoring its reality referring to the filming of The Revenant.

Alicia Vikander for her very emotional and non-believing reaction but well-deserved honouring for her performance in The Danish Girl.

Pato Escala Pierart and Gabriel Osorio Vargas' for dedicating their award for Bear Story to their country (Chile) because it's its first one.

and last but not least...

Best Live Performance

Lady Gaga for her performance of 'Til It Happens To You' from The Hunting Ground. The message and her and the choir's involvement as victims of sexual assault was really moving and spread awareness of the amount of victims there are.

Tell me about your favourite moments, outfits, performances, or whatever you liked from the 88th Academy Awards!