Hey guys!

So I guess, most of you already do know of what I want to talk about today but for those who don't or who are not obsessed already: It's Pinterest.

Pinterest is a platform for finding inspiration in any sector you could ever imagine. To name some: Beauty, skincare, hacks, decoration, fashion, holiday destinations, recipes, DIYs, photos, art, quotes, you name it.

I had heard of this website years ago when Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter shared her love for it but back then I did not really feel the urge to check it out. I don't actually remember what it was which made me do this a few months ago but I'm totally addicted now and pin almost everyday!

It's probably mostly used by girls/woman if I had to guess but there is definitely also 'non-female' content on there, you just have to adjust your interests they ask you for when you register so that you have a base of pins that are shown to you on your homepage when you log in but if you search for things, the whole Pinterest-World opens up for you and you can basically find anything you desire.
Most pins also include a link to a further website with more information on the topic, more photos, the blog which the photo of the pin derives from, etc. but be careful because if you dip your toe into it  a couple of minutes can turn into a couple of hours and when you could swear you just blinked once, the whole day has passed and you haven't even noticed..kind of like the YouTube phenomenon if you know what I mean.

On your own profile, you can create your own boards with a collection of pins that you repinned or that you pinned from any website categorized into topics which makes it very clear and makes it easy for you to find certain pins after you've pinned them. Further, you can 'like' pins independently (whether you pin them or not) and there will be a place on your profile where you can find those pins.
Also, you can follow other Pinners and single boards which you want to keep following for example because you have the same taste and others can follow and your boards (only if you decide to make them visible for others which you don't have to do).
As I said, I also have a Pinterest profile with several different boards, so if you want to check them out or maybe follow me over there.

Happy pinning!