The YouTube Review - Girls: Miss Glamorazzi

Hey guys!

For today, be prepared to get to know Ingrid Nilsen, formally known for her alias Miss Glamorazzi!
She is an American YouTuber based in Los Angeles, and a passionate beauty, fashion and food lover and she has the most fluffy cat you'll have ever seen (his name is Nugget btw)!

On her main channel you can expect to see monthly favourites, DIYs, cooking videos, Lookbooks, hauls, and makeup and hair tutorials and videos in which she talks about topics that are on her mind.
She has relatively recently also created a series called Sense of Self where she visits the homes of friends of hers who are also YouTubers (and most recently even Barack Obama whom she interviewed in the White House on political topics a few weeks ago, I'll link the video here for you) and asks them to share things that are sentimental or important or typical for them with personal items who represent a certain part of their personality. Something along those lines in any case. It's very interesting, don't get me wrong, it's just a bit hard to explain. Therefore, I shall put one of those videos below for you.

She also has a second channel called TheGridMonster which is a place for videos with a bit more depth in the sense of topics which make you ponder over for quite a while or 'funny stories from her private life'-videos. She calls these FiveMinutesForUs (short #5MFU).

I think the thing which I really like about the entirety of both of her channels apart from her bubbly personality is the variety of her videos. Some are typical girly beauty guru ones, some fashion and DIY inspired, others totally different and awareness raising. This one below is one of the more serious ones.

Maybe this post has made you interested in checking out her content, I can definitely recommend her channels! Which YouTubers do you like and why? I'd love to hear your recommendations!