The YouTube Review - Girls: Niomi Smart

Hey guys!

Are you up for another YouTube recommendation? Niomi Smart is actually not the standard Beauty and Fashion vlogger if you compare her to most of the girls/women who I have talked about on here before. Instead she started off with beauty and fashion (the latter is still one of her main passions and represents a big part of her video content) but she has included a bigger lifestyle part than most other 'bbloggers'/'fbloggers' being food (healthy eating) and exercise.

Writing a blog as a starting position in the social media career, Niomi began making videos quite late again compared to most well-known beauty/fashion YouTubers after she finished her Law degree and after strong encouragement of her former boyfriend Marcus Butler. Since then, she developed her channel quickly and extended her content from beauty, skincare, and fashion with more lifestyle related topics and vlogs.

What I like most about her channel and blog is seeing her styling items of clothing and accessories adapted to every season in the form of lookbooks, reviewing her favourite stores, and watching her making food with healthy recipes.

Her style is very versatile which you can see if you'd read her blog. She combines more plane and simple items with patterned ones, more casual ones with more glamorous ones, different colours and textures and adds single more extravagant items to her outfits. She's not one of those fashion bloggers who wears super crazy outfits who the normal person would never wear in everyday life, she's not the 'glitter girl' and she has expensive but also more affordable pieces in her wardrobe which I really like. Also Niomi has a sense for integrating trends into her wardrobe without losing classiness and with the ability to keep it kind of timeless.

Recently, she even attended multiple fashion shows during NYFW and some at LFW last year.

Apart from her love for fashion, she is very passionate about staying healthy, being it eat healthy and working out regularly.

Her consistency in exercising and her cooking skills are traits of hers that I really look up to!

Apart from writing a blog and making videos on YouTube, she is one of the cofounders of Sourced Box which is a subscription box of healthy snacks which are hand-picked by her and her two colleges. It can be ordered one-off, monthly and also on an annual basis. More info on this topic can be found on their website.