Girls' Night Out

Hey guys!

Last night I went out with some of my girl friends who I normally don't see very often because they have moved to another city for studying and because we're all very busy with uni stuff. So I was more than excited to see them again after a very long time. It feels so unreal that finishing school was in spring 2012 and it's already 2014 now and that we are all went in such different personal directions!

I have to say, there are maybe also good sides on being not in one place everyday (like in school) and doing the same thing because there is so much more to tell the others about, if it's personal things like relationships, new friends, parties etc, or about people we know (or knew) and these are not possibly around the corner, or about our subjects of study which we do. I mean, things can get quite complicated to listen to if your friends study medicine or psychology or molecular bio-medicine (is this even translatable into English?!) like in my case, but also very interesting. You obviously don't have to go into that much detail so that the others can't get along with it anymore. I always really enjoy such lovely meetings because you stay in touch with your friends and every time it feels like we left school only yesterday but at the same time ages ago. We still don't have to get through the awkward phase of breaking the ice even though we meet so rarely. And it's always so much FUN (in fact I sometimes have sore muscles on my face from laughing so much :D )!
I'm really happy that there is technology existing nowadays which makes so many things so much easier and gives a platform to keep in touch with your friends even if you stay at your place or when you're out and about! Although I like sending postcards once in a while and I think everyone likes finding some greetings from friends in their postboxes, I don't think we actually would stay in contact as we do now (which kind of is a bit sad to think about).

If I had any photos of last night, then I would insert them here because I really like blogposts with some nice shots but unfortunately I don't have any :( I still hope you enjoyed this post and would be happy to find some comments down below. Tell me about your experiences with leaving school and keeping in touch with your friends are! Do you meet regularly? What do you do when you get together? Maybe reading this has inspired you to go and send a lovely postcard to your loved ones to show that you think of them and look forward to meeting them again soon :)