The YouTube Review - Girls: Pixiwoo (Part 1)

Hey guys!

That's what she also says in the beginning of all her videos :) 
It's time for Pixiwoo Part 1: Samantha (Sam) Chapman.

Isn't she a beautiful lady? I mean all the girls of the YouTube channels I review are, but, you know ;) 
Sam is one half of Pixiwoo. She is a British Make-up artist, mother of two little girls, and journalist of her own journal Two Magazine, from Norwich who once started the eponymous YouTube channel and has been running it alone until her sister Nicole (also known as Nic) joined her. They show THE BEST make-up tutorials for every imaginable occasion and also recreations of celebrity looks, and they do it with a lovely personal touch to it. 

One of my faves:

I have seen many people trying to be entertaining and failing whilst putting make-up on on camera. Or just putting make-up on and naming the product with no noticable pleasure in presenting them and the look. Or overpresenting à la "Look at me! I'm beautiful!". Or attempting to be enjoyable to watch. 
Wow, that were many variations.
Anyway, I really love how Sam talks the viewers through every product she puts on her face aswell as the tools she uses. She recommends certain techniques which are professional. She knows her job and those techniques are not only working on her, or she came up with a way of application which could maybe work under whichever conditions (Is this even correct English? I doubt it. Correct me whenever you notice something, please ;) ). You can totally trust in her advice! I personally learned so much from the channel!

One example of her make-up skills for those who I did not convince already. Isn't this makeup look flawless? It's one of my favourite pictures from her ( hope this did not sound like I'm a creeper!!)

Talking about techniques - Ooh! Smooth transition there! :D - Sam has her own line of brushes of which the is name is Real Techniques. If you havent't heard of them and want to know how good they are, type it into Google and you will be whelmed with reviews and people raving about how amazing they are and how they have changed their result on their face. I have to admit that I don't own one of them yet BUT I really want to be able to call myself the proud owner of one (or MANY) Real Techniques brushes soon :)

You can get most of them here.
Also click on that link to learn more about the brand, the usage and Sam (even if you're not interested in the it! ;) )

Stay tuned for part 2!
To all the beauty lovers among you, you probably know, what comes next ;)