The YouTube Review - Girls: Tanya Burr

Hey guys!

I noticed that I started all my YouTube Review posts with: "This time I will review..." and I thought Come on, Viktoria! You can come up something else instead!.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present The YouTuber, The Makeup artist, The Beauty Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, The lovely: Tanya Burr!

For a first impression on her, you could maybe watch her "50 Facts About Me!" video:

If you got an interest in her as a person to watch on YouTube, I think her "Draw My Life" video is lovely to watch first :)
I love watching "Draw My Life"s and am very happy that they trended in 2013 so almost everyone of the YouTube personalities that I watch filmed it! I think, it's so interesting to see how they came to YouTube and all the personal stuff around that.

As she tells you in the video above, Tanya is a makeup artist and YouTuber who makes makeup tutorials, Lookbooks for the seasons, tags, favourits videos, "Get Ready With Me"s, vlogs, hauls and cooking and baking videos. She also collaborates with other YouTubers including Marcus Butler, PointlessBlog, Zoella (see! A third time!), ThatcherJoe, her fiance Jim Chapman, etc etc, on her channel quite a lot.

Like a lot of other YouTubers, she also has a second channel with very nice videos on it but she has not uploaded some for quite a while now because she now likes to put up vlogs on her main channel. Even though, check out this channel as well ;)

As you can see, Tanya is kind of at home at red carpets and fashion events!

On her blog, which is really lovely, Tanya tells her readers about her experiences at premieres and conventions, about days with friends and family, but also about the topic which I will tell you about now:

A few months ago, Tanya launched her own range of lipglosses and nail varnishes! She said the project needed quite a long time of preparation but in the end she was very proud of it and still is amazed when  people tell her that they have bought her products or when she sees them in the shops. I think, that is so sympathetic because it shows that she is still down-to-earth although she has achieved something so big!
If you have a twitter account and want to see her products on people, type in #tanyaburrlipsandnails and tadaa! There you have it ;)
I wish you could get them in Germany, too because I only shop makeup directly in the stores. Maybe I will pick up something from her range when being in London in omg a few weeks!! excited!!