FIFA World Cup 2014

                                                                                Hey guys!

So when the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil eventually started this week I was so excited! A big YEAY for it having started! 
I always wait for it for quite a long time. Not because I love the sport so much but because I love the feeling of community which comes up. Watching together with my friends or family, at home or in public viewing places. To see the clannishness (is this word even right here??) among the people just makes me happy. Yes, it is a big competition and there are always negative side effects like fans or players which become too enraged about the happenings on the pitch or people who only come to the matches because they seek for a fight. Also like in this case, in Brazil, the government spent so much money on stadiums to conform to the requirements although they won't be needed as football stadiums after the world cup will have come to an end. And you can't plan to host concerts in it for every weekend. . 

The bad aspect, which as you probably have heard of, is that the population indirectly has to cover the expenses by having to pay more for public transport. Also their point is: If the government has so much money to spend, why do they throw money down the drain instead of spending it on the improvement of the education sector where it's so much needed. 
I have to say, even though the Brazilians demonstrate - partly violently by setting cars on fire or something like that (which I hate because I hate any kind of violence in general) - against this governmental decision, I can totally understand their point and probably would be very upset about it as well, if I was in their position.
But enough talked about the dark sides of the event. I did not want to write this post to point out how bad this event is but I definitely did not want to ignore those aspects of it and act as if they don't exist.

Returning to the positive, I want to mention the joy, the winnings give to the people in the audience, whether they are supporting their teams in the stadium, on places of public viewing in their home countries or at home in their living-rooms.

Down here you can check out the eight groups of the preliminaries. 
Today in the evening, Germany had to meet the challenge of playing against the all-time favourite team Portugal with their Cristiano Ronaldo. 
I have to say, I'm definitely not a member of the fanclub of Ronaldo. I just find him unsympathetic. I hope you won't hold it against me ;)

Sitting in front of the TV, I wanted to see my team win of course and kind of could not believe that they really scored four times and did not get even one goal against! Hopefully, German team will make it far this time :) (and won't have to play against Portugal again as I found this match quite full of aggression!)

Do you watch the World Cup? Are you into football? Where are you from or which team do you support and want to win the competition? What do you think about the demonstrations in the country?
I'd love to find out!