The YouTube Review - Girls: Zoella

Hey guys!

Finally, it's here: Zoe Sugg aka Zoella!

Zoe started her channel years ago and has gained almost 5 million subscribers and more than 195 million clicks on her channel since then. I think most subscribers came in 2013 which must have been very overwhelming for her to realize at the time - and still now as the numbers increase rapidly! To summarize her experiences from 2013 and as an annual closure, she filmed this video:

I think people don't stay at her channel because they like her British accent, because she is pretty, or because she is friends with many other YouTubers. These factors may not be totally uninfluential, but I'm sure that it's her lovely personality which fascinates her viewers.

Zoe is one of those girls that are really into shopping. For her, it's mostly clothing she is passionate about but she also enjoys buying, trying and reviewing make-up and skincare and hair products.

Besides hauls, lookbooks and challenges or tag videos, Zoe also likes to vlog. If it's about her adventures abroad or normal days like before christmas (she did Vlogmas 2013 as well) and daily vlogs for every day of the month like she does this month. For her vlogs, she has a seperate channel called MoreZoella which has 1.7 million subscribers. Not as many as her main channel but definitely many in comparison to other vlog channels (if daily vlogging isn't the signature thing the other YouTuber does of course).

There is an additional place where you could have spotted her besides YouTube or even before she started her channels. It's her blog which she started in February 2009. You can follow it here. This is the place in which she talks about things that she doesn't feel talking about on camera like the famous Zalfie post, or her feelings concerning her anxiety (now she has done a video on this topic!) and being overwhelmed at meetings with a lot of people who all expect her to be like they think she is based on how she is in her videos - but all day. That's not possible. I could totally empathise with her although I, of course, have never been in such situations. If you want to know more about this, you may have to switch over to her blog afterwards ;)

Through her fame that she came to via YouTube she can be seen at some film premieres on the red carpets or even in magazines like the article below shows.

I think, her fame is well-deserved and I wish her all the best for the future and will enjoy all her upcoming videos. What about you? Have you watched them? Which one is your favourite? Have you maybe even met her before? Tell me in the comments! I would love to hear from you :)