Film Review #6

Hey guys!

It's been a while since I watched this film but I still wanted to tell you about it because I really like it (mental note: need to think of another way of expressing this asap!): Grace of Monaco

Starring Nicole Kidman as Princess Grace, the film shows the life of the ex-actress and newly married wife of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco.
To be honest, before I had seen the film, I didn't know a lot about Grace Kelly apart from her successful acting career before her marriage, and her being a beauty and fashion icon for women around the world, the wife of Rainier III of Monaco and the mother of Albert II and his sisters. I can't say that I know know her either because it's only a film and only a few years have been portrayed. But still I feel like you get an insight into her feelings or how she probably felt in very difficult situations, her duties as a new princess and woman who is looked up to but at the same time who has to fight hard for being taken seriously in an environment of aristocracy and highly influencial politicians, who sacrificed her passion for her job as a Hollywood actress for the love of her life.

I like this film a lot as it is a biography made in an enjoyable way because you actually see her story instead of just having to listen to some aristocracy experts or close companions, who speculate or act as if they had experienced her life themselves. Also, it shows that even though having been a former Hollywood actress, she was not a diva who was thinking that she was in a higher position than the regular citizens. In contrast, she was politically interested and involved, trying to be her people's representative and supporting her husband during hard times. Being a princess does not just equal a lot of money, power and a glamorous life. And I don't mean it doesn't at all (I'm not that naive) but she was a normal person with big problems and crises, too, although those having been of a very different kind compared to their subjects' ones for the most part.

I guess, to a certain extent I can call myself a fan of hers because of her dedication and an admirer of her strength as a woman.

By the way, I think that Nicole Kidman plays her role brilliantly portraying her character with grace ( ;) ) and strength on the one hand and on the edge of despair and doubtful on the other (love her in roles of strong independent women!).

Did it catch your interest? If so, watch the trailer!

Can you recommend any biographical films?