The YouTube Review - Girls: Caroline Hirons

Hey guys!

Ladies and Gents, the Queen of Skincare! Caroline Hirons, everybody!
If you are into skincare and haven't heard of Caroline then.. where have you been?!?!

On her blog you can find a post about any skincare related issue that you can possibly think of. In the side bar on the right-hand side (of her blog, obvs) there is also a long list of topics and key words in linked bullet points leading you to all of her posts with relation to this word or topic, which makes it way easier if you are searching for a specific thing.

If this website doesn't satisfy your thirst for knowlege, have a look at her Instagram. She quite regularly posts short but concise reviews of products and similar kinds of content on there.

This post would not be called a YouTube review if Caroline didn't have a YouTube channel as well, would it? As an addition to her content on her blog (and Instagram) she also talks about new launches of ranges or products on camera, puts them to the test, gives reviews and recommendations, and shares her overall knowledge, which she has acquired though working in the industry for years and years, with her audience in an understandable way (even non-experts will get it! In other words: me, so you can too!). In case you are interested in her way of living/working/whatever one does and shares, she vlogs her weeks as well. If you would like to get to know her personality more than it shows in her skincare related videos, I would highly recommend watching those! Her humour is hilarious, I love her!
Down below, as always, one video representing her 'normal content' and one vlog of hers. Hope you'll enjoy and subscribe or/and read the blog! It's really interesting and helpful!