The YouTube Review - Girls: A Model Recommends

Hey guys!

Is this a familiar face to you? It should be! But if not, from now it will be! YouTuber, blogger, new mum to a beautiful baby girl, self-named 'model veteran', known for her drugstore hair range COLAB and general funny and taking person: Ruth Crilly aka A Model Recommends!

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To start off with, when I discovered Ruth's channel on YouTube, I hadn't known her blog or anything about her to be honest. But I stayed because of her engaging personality and her sense of humor. I mean, she does great product reviews but most of them are from the higher end price-wise and I cannot afford them right now and maybe will never buy them even if I could afford them one day. And still, I like watching those videos and listening to her opinion on things which may sound quite odd if you're not especially into makeup or skincare (or maybe I actually am odd in this sense haha).

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A while after I had found her channel and when I had started getting into reading blogs, I heard of her blog which is in a sense her channel, just in words. I really like it because her style of writing makes her personality shine through which I admire and try to achieve for my own style of writing because I find it makes the whole reading process much more fun and creates a more personal feel. Hats off, Ruth!

Since she had been pragnant, she started another blog called The Uphill on which she reported back on pregnancy updates and since baby Angelica has come into the world on post-pregnancy updates, both body and child related. Even though I do not have a child and I'm not pregnant (actually I'm veeeeery far from it! haha) I also really enjoy reading her stories on there. I mean, is there a thing as being informed too early in this regard? She speaks the truth and doesn't leave out the unpleasant details of pregnancy and the time after giving birth which is always the most helpful source of information, don't you agree? Also, isn't Angelica just so cute?!

Here for you, an example of what she does on her channel (obviously, there's a lot more variety, so go and check her channel out!):

Apart from 'only' being a YouTuber, blogger and new mother, she also has her own hair styling products range called COLAB including dry shampoo and hair spray of various scents, and a shine spray, which she models for herself. I wish I had her hair!!
Here a video referring to her and COLAB:

If you want to check out her Instagram, you obviously can as well as her account especially dedicated to her pets Dexter the dog and Mr Bear. Do it, that's all I can say. ;)

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