Go-To Beauty

Hey guys!

Today I thought, I would tell you about my absolute favourite beauty items which I use very often or even every day I wear makeup.

Can I just say, I have almost finished this one and this has only happened to me once before. When I first tried it, I was not excited about it, to be honest, because I thought it didn't really show up as a blush on me but THEN I tried it out as a bronzer. And I have used it every makeup day ever since. Looove.
This time, I actually use it for what it's supposed to be used accodring to the name. It's baked like the other one above and marbled but that doesn't mean that it's overly shimmery. It leaves the slightest shine on the cheeks but it's definitely not too much. The colour is light and rosy and I imagine, it looks good on any skin tone.

P2 Glow Up! Highlighter  eyes + cheeks in 021 high beam
This highlighter has a pearly champagne tone. It looks as if it could be a little bit too frosty but it's really not chunky and instead leaves a very nice shine reflecting the light beautifully. I also use it very lightly down the bridge of my nose, on the center of the forehead, on the cupid's bow and on the chin. Additionally, it looks very nice as a subtle eyeshadow or as an inner corner hightlight which really opens up the eyes

I have used the twist-up concealer from Rival de Loop for the longest time before I discovered this one from Catrice. It says carmouflage which lets you assume a high coverage and it definitely keeps its promise. This concealer has the highest coverage which I had ever found in a drugstore concealer covering any spots and discolouration, blending nicely and being neutral enough in colour to also use under the eyes. I also like the doe foot applicator on it. Amazing!

I bought this one in Superdrug in London last year because I had heard such good reviews on it on YouTube and I have to say, I love it. It's very light, almost translucent on me and sets the foundation very nicely. Now that I hit pan 2 weeks ago, I almost don't want to use it anymore to not run out haha. To buy it in Germany, I think I'd have to order it via asos.de or amazon.de because unfortunately Bourjois is not sold in stores over here. 

#sadtimes #whatashame I think they have changes the packaging slightly by now so that it's a little more pink than red.

Manhattan Lipstick in No.59F - (Kind of) Dupe: Astor Lipstick in No. 702 Sweet Toffee
This might seem a little confusing but essentially it's just that my favourite lipstick's range is now discontinued (whaaat?! why???) so I swatched every single dupe seeming shade from other brands in my local drugstore to find a similar one for when I'll have actually run out (which has never happened to me till now with a lipstick). I really love this pinky brown with a little bit of a pearly finish although the Astor one is more brown than the Manhattan one and therfore more noticeable.

Another lip product like lipgloss but very sheer and moisturizing and non-glittery. There are three shades available (at least in my local drugstore). It looks very similar to the Clarins glosses and I heard that the product itself is very similar, too. I really like the sponge applicator as well because you can control how much product comes out and it makes distributing very easy. When I wear a gloss, it's mostly this or my TanyaBurrCosmetics lipgloss in afternoon tea.

P2 Matte Dream Eyeshadow in No. 180 taupe elegance
Again, I don't really use it for the prescribed purpose that often which would be as an eyeshadow but instead I discovered it as an eyebrow powder for me. Being blond, I find it really hard (acutally amost impossible) to find a light enough product (may it be pencil, powder, wax, what have you) to match my colour and not look like a dark stripe on my face. I apply this with an angled eyeliner brush and it works quite nicely this way! I have also used it as a contour before but really it's a little bit too dark for me but for darker skin tones, I guess, it would work fine because it leaves a shadow-like finish on the skin. Also, it's a nice eyeshadow colour for in the crease, smudged on the upper lashline, or under the eye as a matte colour smoking up the eye look.

Catrice Glam&Doll Waterproof Mascara (they must have renamed it to Glamour Doll)
I have tried a LOT of drugstore mascaras before and I like this one a lot. I first heard of it from a friend and then from Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup who bought it when she had come to Germany last year (I think) and raved about it so I thought I would give it a try. And it was so worth it! It's very affordable and waterproof (which I do prefer in a mascara for non-smudging reasons!). The formulation visibly adds volume at the roots of the lashes and lenght without clumping. Because of the quite short bristles on the plastic wand, I found that I didn't accidently touch my lid during the application process as (or at all!) I do with other mascaras, so..an overall winner!

This one is a mattifying primer, very budget friendly like all the other products mentioned earlier. Because I have oily skin, I'm always on the hunt for a primer which extends the longevity of my foundation as my T-zone tends to get very shiny after about 5 hours of wear. It works quite well for me, what more can I say? I use it every time under my foundation. #like

Which makeup products can't you live without? Any recommendations, must haves, favourites for me? Let me know!