We're done!

Hey guys!

Don't worry, nothing terrible has happened, this is just an Empties Post! ;)

Over a rather large period of time I have collected some products that I have used up and thought, why not review them for you on here. So without further ado, let's dive straight into it:


Nivea creme peeling (2,75€ at dm)
I'm sorry, I haven't found this product in the Boots or Superdrug online shops. I don't know, if there is no similar product internationally even thought I'm pretty sure that there must be. Anyway, it's a pretty gentle body scrub which as the name suggests has a creamy texture with tiny scrub particles in it. Because it is quite fine, it doesn't hurt or irritate the skin. All in all, the pruduct does a good job at exfoliating the skin in the shower and I would purchase it again.


Rival de Loop HYDRO hydrating gel (2,99€ at Rossmann, at the moment on offer for 1,99€)
First up, I have had this product empty for a looong time and when I was cleaning out my room from things to get rid of, I found it again and decided to include it in this post.
Unfortunately, my opinion on this one is not a good one. It is a very affordable item which I think is because Rival de Loop is owned by Rossmann. It's not that I generally don't like products from the range but this particular hydrating gel I found was quite sticky which is not a very nice feeling that you want on your face, is it? On the pro side: the price and it's vegan. Not on my 'to buy again' list.

Rival de Loop Clean & Care oily eye makeup remover (for all skin types) (1,49€ at Rossmann, at the moment on offer for 0,99€!!)
Now, as I said, I don't dislike everything from the range. This eye makeup remover, which has two phases so you have to give it a good shake before using it on a cotton pad, removes waterproof mascara and is my go to drugstore make up remover. It contains Ginko and Aloe Vera which I guess helps calming the sensitive skin around the eyes during the romoval process. Also, it's veeery affordable and vegan as well. Of course I am currently using a new one of it ;)

This is the first Micellar cleansing water that I had tried from Garnier before I went and bought the green version for combination & sensitive skin as my skin is oily but this one wasn't out when I went looking for a Garnier Micellar cleansing water originally. I like this micellar water because it is not stripping the skin and it removes makeup well (on lazy days I use about 3 or 4 cotton pads for my whole face when I don't wash my makeup off on the sink). I haven't tried to remove eye makeup with it although it says it can be used for this purpose, but because I always wear waterproof mascara, I do that step separately. As I said, I already picked up the version which is more suitable for my skin type so I won't buy the light pink one again, but it's not a bad product by any means and it lasts for a very long time being a bottle of 400ml!

ISANA young Mattifying Creme (1,99€ at Rossmann)
This face cream was the first mattifying face moisturizer that I ever tried. It is probably the cheapest option at the drugstore being from the drugstore's own range ISANA and I have to say I'm not a huge fan of it. It says, it's for combination and blemish proned skin and it reduces shine and evens out the texture of the skin. I like that it's in a tube for hygene reasons but I found that when you apply it onto the skin on your face and you have used a tiny bit too much product, it started crumbling off. Very weird. Also it didn't go well with makeup primer on top where the crumbling effect took place again. It's cheap, it's mattifying and it's designed for my skin type but nonetheless, I wouldn't recommend this moisturizer to you.

bebe is a brand owned by Johnson & Johnson available in German speaking countries (which I just researched haha) so I can't find international links in English, I'm afraid. I haven't tried a whole lot of their products but I really liked this face cream. Like the ISANA one above it is supposed to mattify and hydrate your skin containing japanese green tea and minerals and this version is especially designed for combination skin but there are other versions available, too. As I said, I really liked this moisturizer because it has a kind of gel-like texture and is very easily distributable on the face. It also works great with a primer or/and foundation on top. On the downside of things, the product comes in a jar which is not the best option concerning hygene because you have to dip your finger in it all the time which leads to bacteria in the product and the creme is constantly in contact with oxygen. Anyways, the product itself is very nice and I would purchase it again if I wasn't too curious about other options first ;)

It says, it nourishes and hydrates the skin and improves the overall texture of the skin. I found with this moisturizer that it first of all smells nice and fresh, it is very easily distributable on the face, and it's leaves the skin feeling hydrated and non-greasy. I also think, it is better than the bebe one packaging-wise being in a tube form but it's quite hard to get the last bits out because the tube is quite stiff and still wide at the bottom. It's 22ct more expensive at Rossmann, so I would recommend getting it from dm if the online and in-store prices actually match OR from Boots because Superdrug is more expensive as well. To be honest, I would buy this one again. Maybe not for makeup days because others might mattify better but for non-makeup days for sure!

This eye creme is the only one that I have ever tried until now. It lasts a very long time because you only need an half a pea-sized amount for one eye (I actually use it on my lid as well in the mornings to reduce the puffiness, I think it works). Long-term, it smoothes the skin under your eyes very nicely. I didn't have any issues with allergies or with other products on top BUT I have learned to wait a few minutes and/or use only a little tiny bit if you plan to put on makeup right away because it (any eyecream in general!) can lead to creasing your concealer. Good one, thumbs up!


L'ORÉAL Paris Elnett de Luxe Excessive Volume Hairspray (strong hold, structure & definition) (1,85€ at dm; £3,98 at Boots, current offer: 3 for 2 on selected haircare, cheapest free)
Not too sure, if they have changed the packaging a little as I have a normal bottle of 300ml and the only one I found from dm is 200ml as is the one from Boots or Superdrug (they also have 400ml) and also the dm packaging lookes a bit different to mine BUT I have to say, this hairspray is my all-time favourite one. I have had some before which were quite sticky or left the hair crispy but this one doesn't at all. It contains a very fine mist and is not wet on the hair whatsoever. I currently use another hairspray because I found it in my storage and don't want to waste it (it's from SYOSS) but I would definitely go for this one again or maybe another one from the Elnett range when the SYOSS one runs out.

This completes my empties for now. I hope this was helpful for some of you! Let me know whether you currently use these products, have used them before, or are thinking about buying them in the future! What do you think of them? Do you have any recommendations for me? I'd love to know!

See you soon!