Inspiration Tuesday

Hey guys!

Since I joined Pinterest, I had started 'collecting' quotes and statements which inspire me or reflect my personality, or even which I think are very true but not taken into consideration refering to an interpretation of someone's behaviour or can be seen as a suggestion of a certain behaviour for yourself. I hope this makes sense. I'll try to elaborate on the specific quotes as I go.


This is a very personal one for me because this can literally be me at any time or even in a deep conversation with someone. Could be shyness, insecurity or simply a introverted person. I really think, you should be careful judging someone you don't know or don't know for a long time just because they don't talk much. Most of the time, such people are not in a bad mood or sad or disinterested in what you tell them. They are probably being polite not wanting to interrupt or trying to avoid being in the focus because it makes them feel uncomfortable or inappropriate. Maybe they are very interested in what you tell them and want you to continue telling your stories. At least that is me most of the time.

If you feel like someone has asked you something personal and answered this when you asked them back about the reason for their question, I would say 99% of the time your instinct is right and they weren't just wondering with no further intentions. They probably don't want to sound overly interested in you (because they're scared of their reaction?) or they want to get to know you without you noticing (shyness alert). Maybe they want to be mysterious..this is also an option, I guess..but it's not me haha.


I find this quote by Hemingway very true and very important considering that so many people (I admit that I'm guity of this as well) won't stop comparing them and their achievements to other people and totally losing their self-esteem on the way. We're not in a competition with everyone else in this world (apart from job interview situations obvs but hey, that's natural and there will probably not be an apocalypse when you didn't get this particular position because you have options, too! You can try somewhere else! Their loss.) Also, being honest with yourself, knowing that you're doing better than others doesn't mean anything. There will always be someone who is better than you at something but if you know that you have improved and that you have worked as hard as you possibly could, this will give you satisfaction and pride because it means that you have done your best. So just keep up your good work!

This one is a hard one for everyone. Leaving your comfort zone and being adventurous, overcoming your fears and risk something is never easy but it feels so good once you've done it. It's really worth it. If your plan doesn't work out as you would have liked it to though, don't quit, try again. You can only learn from your mistakes and the past will not become your future. You will get another chance, you just have to be brave enough to take it.

This is similar to the one above for me but it also includes the factor of self-reflection. If you fail at something, maybe your way of doing it was not the right one but your aim is not unreachable because it didn't work out. Reflect on your experience and try to use it for a better try. Sometimes we are wrong and we have to admit it to find a solution for the problem instead of doing the same exact thing all over again and expecting another result.


Yes. Just yes. People nowadays don't appreciate enough. And here I mean anything: friendships, relationships, family, politeness, hard work, attention, ... the list goes on and on. Still they want it all and are totally furious and enraged if people treat them disrespectful, totally ignorant of the fact that they are behaving disrespectful, too.
I think, it's so important to appreciate what we have, what other people do for us, which opportunities are given to us, which can be forgotten so easily but so should not be.
You can also apply this to consumption goods of any kind: food, water, energy, clothing, gadgets, ... . It has to be best quality but as cheap as possible. It doesn't has to last a long time because it's easily replacable. If we don't want it anymore or it's broken within a relatively short period of time, it's been thrown away and no longer thought about. Not about the people who made it, who worked for it, who get minimal wages, who risk their health, who don't have the privilege to live their lives under our circumstances. We (as a society) are not even particularly careful with things or food these days, tons and tons are going into the trash, it's a wasteful society. Everyone should really ask themselves whether they are doing their best to prevent waste.

Goes hand in hand with: 'Don't judge people if you don't know their story.' Maybe they have their hardest time at the moment. You simply don't know. Don't make them feeling more miserable then they already do. People often lack in respect for one another. Always treat others as you want to be treated! Also, sometimes people only pretend to be oh so strong to cover up their real issues, nobody is perfect or has the perfect life even though it seems like they do.
I think, at this day and age, time has become a rare good. Still it's so valuable and we need it to develop and keep relationships. Sometimes we should make ourselves aware that even the smallest message or the most spontaneous visit can make a massive difference in somebody's day or life even because it's a gesture of appreciation. Simply offering your ear can be more than enough for someone in a certain situation. It really doesn't always have to be related to massive effort.


I wish more people would think of this. Also, the loudest opinion is not always the most accurate one. It could just try to be the only one heard to be able to win the competition against better ones which don't have to be loud to proof their value.

Another more personal one for me. I truly believe this. The more attention you pay and listen to people the more things you are actually able to notice about them. And not only that. You could also apply this to your inner self. Just take a break from general business and stress and listen to your own feelings and instincts. It could be so enlightening when you feel stuck.

Similar to the one above: There are so many things would are able to recognize if only you paid enough attention.

I can so confirm this! How many times have I stewed over arguments I should have had but avoided at the time, countless times, some situations won't leave you alone for ages if you don't finish them properly. But it doesn't have to be only that. What if's are literally the worst as you will not get a second chance to see what would have happened if you did say something.

Here we are again, on the topic of waste. I feel like today people don't invest enough in their relationships. Friendships are given up too fast because both parties expect the other one to keep the friendship alive but the only thing they themselves do is wait and give up on it. Same with romantic relationships. I'm not an expert on this one whatsoever (you probably know that by now) but from what I have observed, people are shortsighted and are like: 'It doesn't work out so he/she can't be the right long-term partner for me..I better don't waste my energy and instead look for another person who'll fit me perfectly'. Relationships just don't work like that. 'Work' is actually the right word here. They are not a phenomenon that just functions without serious investments, patience and mutual respect and acceptance.

I definitely have to work on this one a lot. I love my comfort zone and push things back a lot because I'm not exactly sure what I'm working towards in life in general but it shouldn't be like that. I should be much more targeted and not remain where I am because I'm afraid of what could come after.

In contrast to the quote promoting investments into relationships instead of giving up on them, this one addresses relationships or situations which despite multiple tries and investments of time and energy turned out to only be taking without giving. In that case, maybe it's a sign for you that you should be putting your energy into other relationships, projects, ... whatever, which will be even better than the one that pulled you down.

I can confirm this one as well, can't you as well? The smallest gestures which show that others care about you, totally relaxed moments in a wonderful environment, proud moments after you have achieved something, it could be anything. Those memories make me look back and smile because they happened.

Something which is easier said than done. Appreciating is easy once you care enough to notice things and see their value. Expecting nothing is the hardest part here. I at least try to do this because it would prevent disappointment and the surprise of positive experiences makes you appreciate them even more, in theory. I guess, being human it's near to impossible to really expect nothing, especially if it's about friends and family but at least it's easier when it comes to strangers.

How can expect to be approached the way you want to be when not acting approachable? Easy as that.

How can you expect someone to like you when you don't behave like you want to be treated, to be respected when you behave disrespectful, be liked when you act unfriendly or repellent?

General Truth

Honestly, I don't understand it. If two people love each other, what do others have to do with that? If one man loves men, one woman loves womesn, where the hell is this your business? You'd just have to imagine what it would feel like if you (in case you're heterosexual obvs) would be in the minority being heterosexual and others would react negatively, tell you it's wrong or an illness, a sin. What? Seriously!? To live and let live. All people have the right to love whoever they love and be with whoever they chose to be with.
Let others be ignorant and look at you weirdly. Maybe your smile will make someone's day. You'll never know.

I don't mean, sever all contact with somebody. But when you spend some time apart, it can be very eye-opening about who actually cares about your relationship and who doesn't when there is no constant contact happening or even possible, may it be due to a different place or limited amount of time available for talking/meeting. It's easier to determine whether a friendship has developed into just being a superficial or a deeper one. It helps to notice which relationships are worth to keeping them going and invest time and energy into and which ones have to be let go to not weigh you down.

I really adore this one. Who agrees?
The person can be ever so beautiful in looks, if the inside doesn't match or the person doesn't show appreciation for you, is it really worth it holding on to him or her? 
If you'd ask me, it's a clear 'no'.

I only fairly recently experienced a situation which made me realize this completely. Just I think, not only your own behaviour decides who stays because there are always two parties involved in a ny relationship
Essentially, don't give up! Your time will come!
Kind of goes hand in hand with those quotes refering to investments into relationships. Still a certain of mutual appreciation and dedication is required to not make it fall apart slowly but steadily.
Love them. I also love being silly from time to time and laugh until it hurts but deep meaningful conversations give me a very unique feeling of satisfaction and happiness which doesn't compare to anything.
Very nice one, in my opinion. Has definitely the potential for being a life motto.

More of a casual definition of feminism than a quote but I find that it brings its point across very nicely.

Yes! Right?!

I guess, this is probably true in most situations (apart from when somebody dies or something like that) because again, one learns to appreciate the little things again or learns from mistakes, whatever you want to apply it onto.

I'd love to know which quotes you believe in, live after, can confirm, are your favourites! 
Let me know!!