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Hey guys!

As I do not have the best skin and I'm always on the hunt for the one facewash/peeling/face mask - may it be single products or 'two in one'-s - I thought, I would share my experience with the products I try along the way. At the moment I own three facewashes of different brands, one exfoliating scrub and one three in one-product. I thought, this time I would start with the facewashes.

So after a lot of rambeling, let's start with the reviews! To start with, all of the products are from the drugstore.
The first product is the facewash from Synergen which is one of the home brands of my local drugstore and therefore not the most expensive option ;)
It says that it refines pores, improves the complexion and prevents spots and blackheads with the help of fruit acids. It has a liquidy gel texture to it which I like but turns out to be very liquidy when you apply it on wet skin as you are supposed to which is a minus. I quite like the packaging because you can see how much is left in the tube so you know when you have to go and pick up a new one. What I don't really like is the cap which is ok to open but its quite hard to close as it's not easy to kind of hit against the cap to close it with the hand you have your gel in so the cap is a minus to. This facewash contains alcohol. After I have used it, I'm left with a quite tight and dry feeling on my skin which is not very nice. I kind of makes you instantly grab the nearest moisturizer! It has a fresh scent to it and does not really foam on the face and with all the factors in mind I would probably not pick that up again and rather try another product to find the best one from the drugstore.

On to the next one: the Rival de Loop (also one of the home brands of Rossmann) soap free facewash for normal and combination skin as it says. This one is a limited edition with blackberry extract.
It says on the back of the tube that the creamy foam gently removes makeup, excess sebum and soilings from the skin. It does not contain any silicones, parabenes, colourings, or even alcohol and it's vegan.You can use this for the face, neck and décolleté. I find the very gelly texture quite weird and it rather smells of soap than of blackberry but it removes what's on your face and foams as it says on the tube. I see the same problem here with the cap that I noticed with the Synergen facewash and as the texture is even more gelly-ish, it's super hard to close the tube! (And you don't want the product to come out of the tube, do you?) Over all I would say, I won't buy that product again, too but that doesn't mean it's bad. I just find it not the perfect one.

The last facewash I want to show you is the bebe Young Care quick & clean facewash & eye makeup remover. I have to say that I'm not using it to remove my eye makeup anymore because I'm constantly using waterproof mascara but when I did, it worked perfectly. It does not burn and removes everything when you gently massage it onto your eyes as it says on the tube. The texture of this one is my favourite of the three because it's a gel as well but it's not as liquidy as the other ones are and you can easily massage it on the face without having to make sure that nothing runs down your arms. There is a scent to it but it's not very strong and actually smells nice and clean. To give the cap a mention again, I can happily say that this tube is one without struggles to open or close. Hurray! :D On the downside I can only say one thing, it contains alcohol so if you're searching for one without, this is not one for you. All in all you can see that it's a well loved product (almost nothing left in the tube!) which I would definitely pick up again some time!

Conclusion: I think none of these products did a really bad job, all of them worked fine, but the cap struggle, the feeling of very tight skin after using the product made me like the last one from bebe the most and not wanting to pick up another tube of the Synergen and Rival de Loop facewashs. 
All in all I can say that I probably can find a better facewash in the drugstore as I work my way though the skincare section. Wish me luck ;)
I will keep you updated!

As a last question from me: Do you have any drugstore recommendations for facewashes or skincare items in general? I'd love to try them!


  1. You don't need that. Your skin is perfect.

    1. You know it's not, my friend! :D Did you acutally ever see me without makeup apart from on skype? :D


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