London Calling!

Hey guys!

As I told you a while ago, I planned a week-long holiday in London. And I went. And fell in love.
So what I expected from this trip was more or less quite excessive sightseeing on day 1 (I was praying for sunshine like forever, kind of, and it worked!) and snap as many shots as I possibly can, and then a bit of shopping in the streets of the fashion capital on day 2, as well as just enjoying the city and getting inspired by the surroundings and the people who would cross my path. Well, most of that, I would tick off my list, but there was not that much of relaxation to be honest. Which was obviously not the city's fault, but in a way it was, like there is so much to see and to go to and my feet just were not prepared for a 10+ hour walk. Every day. But lying in bed each night, I thought to myself: Do you want to enjoy these few days of exploring the British capital or do you want to moan about your feet (like in my head)? I think you can guess the answer when scrolling down. And without any further rambling, I'd now say: If your feeling nice or just need a bit of a holiday-ish feeling, enjoy this 'little' stroll in pictures through London. 
To make this not crazy long, I decided, I would do a separate post for days 2-4 which will follow soon :)

I actually met a YouTuber! O! M! G!
I guess, I might have a thing for glass buildings! 
Now a bit of art from the Tate Gallery of Modern Art
How cute is this place? I absolutely fell in love with the royal parks. I wish they would be in my home town!
Have you ever been to London? What is your favourite place?