Hot or Not?

Hey guys!

...and welcome to another 'Hot or Not'!
These posts are actually inspired by the Mrs. Glamour, Tati, who I will tell you about soon (in case you don't already know who she is ;) )

This time, I want to talk about three products from the exfoliator/mask department.

If you have tried these or one of them (I'm sorry that I don't have the English name, but I'm sure they look the same or similar in other countries), then let me know what you think of them!

Firstly, I have these two Garnier pruducts which I will present to you now.

Let's now start with the first product: The Garnier Vitalizing Face Exfoliator with grapefruit and pomegranate extract.

I don't know if you can see but there is hardly anything left in the tube.
When I bought it, my skin was worse than it is now, but it changes from day to day. What I mean is, I was desperately searching for a good face scrub to finally get rid of all the skin blemishes and blackheads.
I would say, the product was refreshing due to the scent of grapefruit and pomegranate exctract in it but if it really worked in terms of clarifying my skin, I'm not sure, especially as it says 'for oily skin and skin which tends to impurities'. Maybe it prevents from getting blemishes but it did not improve my sensitive skin which had blemishes at the time. Also I found the perls in it not the softest so I decided to use it up as a body scub and continue using my relatively recent purchase:

The Garnier 3 in 1: 1. Cleanser, 2. Exfoliator, 3. Mask.

It says, it cleanses, removes blackheads and mattifies the skin. I thougt, as it was also made for oily skin and skin which tends to blemishes (which is what I'm always looking for, obviously), this would be an interesting product to test.
Compared to the gel-like consistency of the face scub which I was telling you above, this one has a white mask-like texture with softer blue exfoliating perls which can be used as a cleanser or as a three minute face mask. I acutally prefer to take my makeup off before so that the mask ingredients really get into my skin.
I quite like this product so far as it is more gentle than the other exfoliator and it leaves a very nice feeling on the skin. The one thing I don't like about this is that it is quite hard to get rid of the blue leftover perls on the face but that is the only thing and I can definitely live with that! And if you use a toner afterwards, as I do, it should all come off easily.

Last but not least: The Synergen Exfoliator (which I bought aaages ago)

I have to say, I would rank this one last because I know that I would definitely not pick this up again. The texture is thicker than the gel or the mask and the perls are much bigger. I think, it is not nice to apply on the face, it kind of hurts a bit as you distribute it and I don't need that. Especially as my skin is really sensitive (and this product is made for sensitive skin!) in general and  when I have breakouts, touching them with the perls is not the best feeling. I probably will use it up for the sake of not wasting leftover product but it's not my go-to face product of choice. 

I hope, this was useful for some of you.
Again, I'm happy for any kind of recommendations, opinions, or requests in the comments!
Do you have a favourite facial exfoliator?