The YouTube Review - Girls: Patricia Bright

Hey guys!

Are you ready for your next favourite blogger/YouTuber? You better are! ;)
This gorgeous girl is Patricia Bright.

I stumbled across her channel when watching other YouTube British beauty gurus and was instantly fascinated by her fun personality. You may say, oh, she said that several times now for several YouTubers, but it's true. It was not only the beauty and skincare tips and routines that kept me staying but also her lifestyle videos and her especially amazing fashion sense. I think, she picks the most amazing pieces of clothing, let it be a designer piece or from H&M. She throws it on and just looks stunning and not like she was trying hard. She is such a fashion inspiration for me, I wish my purse would fill itself so that I could go shopping and buy all the nice stuff or similar things that hang in the German stores. Now. That would be it, right?

I mean, look at those pictures and convince yourself!
Oh, and no! I have not screenshoted these photos! ;) Best for last: She has an awesome blog as well where she posts about all things beauty and fashion like new trends or recent launches! I literally can not get enough of these colourful pieces of art, okay let's not get too cheesy here ;) But honestly, she has a sense of style! A lot of people (including myself) are able to learn a thing or two from her photogenicity!

Aside from those rather nice photos, I can show you one of my favourite videos of hers, right? So here it is. As Patricia would say, get your cup of tea and click the play button ;)

Fancy a beautiful wedding video, get ready with me-s, makeup tutorials? You'll find anything at her channel. For vlogs in which you can get to know her and her husband Mike better, also check out her vlog channel here.