The YouTube Review - Boys: Marcus Butler

Hey guys!

Or shall I say: Heeelloooo!
I thought, it was time to introduce another male from the YouTube world: It's Marcus Butler!

Marcus Butler is one of the British YouTube celebrities with over 3 million subscribers and over 155 million views on his main channel called MarcusButlerTV!
His channel is something like one-man show. He doesn't need anyone but himself to make people laugh and brighten countless people's days. I don't know if you can acutally categorize what kind of YouTuber he is. Okay, you could say, he's one of the 'funny ones', but that is definitely a broad categorization and only one side of his personality. In fact, who would like to be characterized by only one part of themselves? Go to his channel and form your own opinion :)

From challenges (on his own and with several fellow YouTubers) over 'How to's' and his experiences with annoying people in different public locations to videos in which 'Margaret' takes over, if you wanna have a good laugh, check out his videos there!

In this video, Marcus and Connor Franta attempt the Internet Slang Challenge:

But not only that. He also has a second channel called MoreMarcus, where he puts up daily vlogs. You can follow his life, for example on big conventions where he meets lots of his viewers, see him moving out and furnish his new flat with his girlfriend Niomi (who is also a YouTuber who mostly talks about fashion, beauty and lifestyle), or you just get to know what he is up to in his daily life. 

As many of his subscribers are not the typical YouTube watchers but more like actual fans, he created his own merchandising containing T-Shirts, hats and hoodies.
Here are two examples:

If you want to know more or are just generally interested, click on the link and watch the video below!

Do you prefer watching beauty/fashion/lifestyle videos, funny ones like Marcus', or a bit of both? Let me know in the comments :)