The YouTube Review - Girls: Amelia Liana

Hey guys!

Do you know this British lady?
You're right, it's Amelia Liana. Fashion and Beauty Blogger. Voice of the unspoken.
What I mean by that is that she talks about everything beauty or body related which a girl would ever want to know but not everyone would openly talk about on YouTube. 

Things that not the average beauty blogger/vlogger would talk about, kind of TMI. I find that great, why not talk about it? It's practically useful to know what or how to manage things and to hear how other girls do. If you still don't know what I'm talking about or got interested, here is an example:

Now, you might think, that's kind of awkward to talk about, but not all of her videos contain such content, obviously!
Her main topic is anything beauty related, like new launches, hauls, reviews, and that kinda jazz, you know ;)
I especially love that she reviews high end AND drugstore products more or less equally often which is nice if you are on a budget but also love to watch the inaffordable world of beauty products, like I do.
If you are more of a blog reader than a YouTube junky, she shares all her experiences over on her blog as well.

Over all, she is just a likable and hilarious person to watch and I'm glad I found her channel.
You want to see her completely in her element? Watch her collaboration with Lily Pebbles: