The YouTube Review - Girls: MakeupByTiffanyD

Hey guys!

You are a beauty guru addict and searching for one with an American accent? Check her out!

Tiffany is one of my absolute favourite beauty and fashion gurus and personality on YouTube. 
Here's why:
She makes videos about all things beauty like reviews, comparisons, beautiful tutorials and soon her current makeup collection (which I'm so excited for! Hands down, I love seeing gigantic makeup collections! Who does as well? By the way, look at her lashes! Oh well, I adore them!!).
She tells you about formulars, techniques, which tools to use for the best results and whatever you would want to know about products. But that's not all you get. I also love to see her fashion style which can be followed especially on Instagram, and in her haul videos. I think, she has an amazing sense of style, kind of basic but wonderfully combined with accessories! I love her wardrobe!

See one of her tutorials here:

At the moment, Tiffany is pregnant and does additional weekly videos as a kind of video diary about her first pregnancy. I find it really exciting to see how she gets on and how the baby grows. It's like watching a neighbour but at the same time a very good friend. She shares anything from books about pregnancy and child education over doctor's updates, pregnancy symptoms in different stages, how she told her family about the gender of the baby (girl!), baby bump updates, maternity clothing, baby clothing, and answers whatever her viewers want to know in Q&As.

Another passion of hers, apart from fashion and beauty, is home decor. On her blog, she always updates her readers on her recent changes and new projects (like the nursery) in her house. It's like looking through an interior design magazine. She has a dream house. To see this alone, I would come to her blog, even if I wasn't into makeup! Maybe you do, too!?
Overall, I think, she is a very inspiring Internet personality, even though she does not share her whole life on the Internet as the so called Internet celebrities like for example Zoella or Marcus Butler do.
Who is your favourite beauty guru on YouTube?