The YouTube Review - Girls: Lily Pebbles

Hey guys!

You are searching for a beauty blogger/YouTuber who does very helpful product reviews, beautiful lifestyle post and fun recommendations all about beauty, fashion and nice places? Then hop over to and!/or LilyPebbles!

Lily Pebbles is actually not one of the YouTubers who I subscribed to first when I got totally into YouTube but when I stumbled across her channel, I just had to push that red subscribe button although I can't afford or buy many of the beautiful high end products or products that are not available in my surroundings/country. Her videos and blogposts are just too nice to not watch or read. I love her fun and down-to-earth personality which instantly makes you feel welcome and somehow feeling being friends with her. I mean, who doesn't enjoy watching how nice people experience exciting events and are able to fulfill their dreams by following their passions?  But she does not only show beautiful beauty products or the newest additions to her wardrobe but also interesting DIYs and very helpful and motivating blogging/vlogging tips! How nice is that!
I recently got into reading blogs again and when I saw her post about what you could do to make yourself get into blogging again after a phase of lacking motivation/inspiration, I kind of felt the kick to continue my blog now :) So I think that this blogpost was the one to write. Do you need that too? Read it!

I will also link a perfect connection of YouTube and her blog here, where she gives very nice advice about blogging and vlogging. It's so much worth reading/watching! 

What I also admire about her chanel are the beauty chats with Anna aka ViviannaDoesMakeup who also runs her own (wonderful!) blog.

What are you waiting for? ;) If you decide to subscribe to her, too, tell her I've sent you ;)